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Learn Korean in Singapore with Some Common Words and Phrases

Learn Korean in Singapore with Some Common Words and Phrases

If you are eager to learn Korean in Singapore then there are a few essential words and phrases you will want to get under your belt before you get started. These words and phrases will most certainly come in handy as you start your Korean classes.

Annyeoung haseyo! (Hello!)

Joheun achim. (Good morning.)

Je ireum-eun, ______, imnida. (My name is,______)

Sungham ee uttoke daesipnika? (What is your name?)

Those phrases will start your conversation off on the right foot. As the conversation gets rolling, you can show off your skill by utilizing the following phrases.

Araso. (I understand.)

Nado mola. (I don’t know.)

Hangukmal hal jul ani? (Can you speak Korean?)

Igi eoulmayeyo? (How much does this cost?)

Baegoupa! (I’m hungry!)

When it is time to call it a day and say goodbye, the following are some phrases you will want to remember as you learn Korean in Singapore.

Annyeoung gyeseyo. (Goodbye.)

Joen hru dweseyo! (Have a good day!)

Jalda nyeo sip sio! (Bon Voyage!)

Other words that are useful to include in your studies as you are sure to use during the course of your studies.

Oneul (Today)

Nyaeil (Tomorrow)

Nyeon (Year)

Areeumdaun (Beautiful)

Eoryeeoun (Difficult/Hard)

Finally, for those times when you get hungry and need a break as you learn Korean in Singapore, you won’t want to forget these tasty additions to your vocabulary.

Mule (Water)

Soegogy (Beef)

Dwaejigogy (Pork)

Dakgogi (Chicken)

Sangseon (Fish)

Keopy (Coffee)

Chai (Tea)

Bekchu (Beer)

Podoju (Wine)


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