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Top Ten Korean Phrases That You Should Learn Before Visiting Korea

Top Ten Korean Phrases That You Should Learn Before Visiting Korea

The Koreans certainly did all things right as they dominated the world just a few years ago. Thanks to their very distinct music style, fashion taste, and endearing TV shows. Because of this world recognition, more and more people from different places in the world have taken an interest in visiting Korea and learning Korean in Singapore.

Before you cement your plans and set foot in the country, here are the 10 Korean phrases that you may find useful in your travel:

  • Annyeonghaseyo


    • The complete translation of this phrase is “Hi, how are you?” or “Hi, how have you been?” It’s the perfect opening to start a conversation.
  • Joe-song-ham-ni-da


    • Just in case you step on someone’s foot on you way to catch a cab, you can just whisper a sorry to that person.
  • Jal-muk-gess-soub-nida


    • Saying this means you are thankful for the food. Korea is certainly a place for the food lovers. With all the mouth-watering dishes, you can’t help but say this phrase before you dig in.
  • Juh-ki-yo


    • You might need a second serving or a service water and need to call out the waiter’s attention, then use this Korean phrase instead.
  • Jeo-gi-yo


    • When visiting a different place, we can’t help but ask one local or two for help. Before you ask your question, you might want to say this phrase first which means “excuse me” if you need to ask something like the directions of the station.
  • Sil-lye-hab-ni-da


    • This means “excuse me” as well but is used in a different situation. When a person is blocking your way, say this phrase and then pass through.
  • Ju-se-yo


    • Being polite is a standard in Korea. So, make sure you say this phrase when ordering something in a restaurant. This phrase literally translates “Please, give.” You can say this one and then point at the dish that you want on the menu.
  • Ol-ma-ye-yo


    • If you plan to do some shopping in the country, then this phrase is a must. When buying something but the price tag is nowhere to be found, just say the item’s name and then add this phrase which means “how much?”
  • Han-guk-mal jal mot-hae-yo


    • If some locals speak to you in straight Korean, and you no longer understand. Say this phrase and they’ll know you don’t speak Korean language very well.
  • Kam-sa-ham-ni-da


  • Of course, you have everything to be thankful for. Show your respect and appreciation by saying “thank you” to the locals or your fellow travelers.

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