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Private Korean Classes Singapore: Personalized Language Learning

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Welcome to our Korean private classes in Singapore, your gateway to a personalised and flexible language learning experience. Our physical and online Korean classes are designed to cater to individual needs, offering a unique approach to mastering the Korean language.

Imagine learning Korean at your own pace, with a fluent Korean teacher tailoring lessons. These private Korean lessons allow you to focus on your Korean skills and strengths and address your weaknesses, ensuring efficient and effective learning in a foreign language.

Our focus on flexibility means you can schedule classes at your convenience. Whether you’re a beginner who speak English or someone who has already studied Korean because of K-dramas, our experienced Korean tutors will meet you at your current skill level and guide you towards proficiency in a new language.

A skilled Korean language trainer will teach you Korean courses as our classes go beyond language basics. You’ll explore the rich history of Korean culture, going into aspects like language nuances, customs, and even a popular K drama. This fun learning and teaching experience enhances your understanding and appreciation of the foreign language.

Most Korean classes in Singapore implement physical classes that conflict with your schedule. Meanwhile, our Korean language school Singapore has both learning modes; our physical and online classes provide a fun way to learn Korean language. Students speak and engage actively in Korean lessons, making the learning experience both educational and enjoyable.

Our online Korean classes are dynamic and fun, ensuring you stay motivated throughout your language-learning journey in a Korean language school. We believe in making every lesson an exciting opportunity to discover the beauty of the Korean language.

Whether you are interested in learning Korean for travel, work, or personal enrichment, our Korean classes in Singapore cater to your needs. We’ve covered you, from basic Korean language courses to in-depth cultural insights.

Why Choose Private Classes?

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Choosing private Korean classes in Singapore brings many advantages to your individual learning needs.

Here’s why choosing personalized sessions could be the key to your successful journey to learn Korean:

  • Personalized Attention: In a private setting, your Korean tutor focuses solely on you. This one-on-one attention allows a deep understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, and learning style. You get real-time feedback and guidance, accelerating your progress from your Korean Teacher as they are teaching Korean.
  • Customised Lessons: Private classes mean your Korean tutor will choose a specific Korean course. Whether you’re a beginner in a trial lesson or already have some self-taught Korean language skills from YouTube, you will learn Korean in a way that the content is adjusted to match your proficiency level and learning goals.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Life is busy, and we understand that. Private classes offer flexibility in scheduling, letting you choose the time that suits you best, whether physical or online class. Whether it’s early morning, during lunch, or in the evening, you can learn at your convenience.
  • Customised Learning Pace: In private classes, you set the speed. If you need more time to grasp certain concepts or want to speed up your learning, it’s entirely up to you. This ensures that you feel comfortable and confident to learn Korean language.
  • Efficient Progress: With undivided attention and a curriculum tailored to your needs, you can make efficient progress in mastering the Korean language. Private classes eliminate distractions, allowing you to focus fully on learning and practising.

If you want to learn Korean in a way that fits your schedule, adapts to your learning style, and ensures your progress is at the forefront, then private classes are the ideal choice.

Our Teachers

Selecting the right Korean tutor for private classes in Singapore involves considering various key qualities that contribute to a comprehensive learning experience. We prioritize the following qualities to ensure our instructors meet the diverse needs of students engaging in private Korean classes.

Expertise in Korean Language Education:

Our instructors possess a strong foundation in Korean language education. They have acquired in-depth knowledge of the Korean language’s intricacies, including grammar rules, pronunciation nuances, and the Korean alphabet. Many of them hold relevant certifications or have completed advanced studies in Korean language education making them perfect to teach Korean.

Effective Communication Skills:

Clear and effective communication is important. Our Korean tutors are experts at conveying complex foreign languages concepts in both English and Korean, ensuring seamless understanding between teacher and student. This facilitates an environment where students feel confident expressing themselves in Korean language.

Adaptability to Different Learning Styles:

Our instructors exhibit adaptability to every student’s learning style. They ensure their teaching methods suit individual preferences, ensuring that students with diverse backgrounds and learning needs can effectively grasp the nuances of the Korean language. They also make sure that they make their lessons fun and interactive.

Cultural Awareness and Integration:

Understanding the importance of cultural context in language learning, our instructors infuse lessons with insights into Korean culture. This goes beyond language proficiency, providing students with a holistic understanding of the cultural nuances that influence the language.

Patience and Encouragement:

Patience is a key attribute of our instructors. They approach teaching with patience, recognizing that students progress at different rates. Constructive feedback and encouragement are integral to fostering a positive and motivating learning environment.

Innovative Teaching Methods:

To keep lessons engaging and effective, our instructors employ innovative teaching methods. These may include multimedia resources, role-playing scenarios, and interactive activities that cater to various learning preferences, making the learning experience enjoyable and memorable.

Reliability and Punctuality:

Our commitment to providing quality private Korean classes includes ensuring that our instructors are reliable and punctual. Consistent attendance and prompt communication contribute to a smooth and dependable student learning experience.

Personalized Approach:

Understanding the diverse goals of students enrolled in private Korean classes, our instructors take a personalized approach. They work closely with each student to understand their unique needs, adapting lesson plans and content to align with individual learning objectives.

Passion for Teaching and Continuous Learning:

Passion is a driving force for our instructors. They genuinely enjoy teaching Korean and are committed to the success of their students. Additionally, a dedication to continuous learning keeps our instructors updated on language education trends and methodologies.

Our selection of Korean language instructors for private classes in Singapore is guided by a commitment to providing a comprehensive, engaging, and effective learning experience. Through a combination of expertise, adaptability, and passion for teaching, our instructors strive to make your journey to learn the Korean language enjoyable and rewarding.

Lesson Method and Schedule

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Our Korean language classes are designed to make your learning experience interactive, engaging, and tailored to your needs. Whether you opt for physical face-to-face classes or online Zoom sessions, our teaching methods are made to ensure maximum effectiveness and enjoyment.

Lesson Method:

We pride ourselves on employing interactive teaching methods that go beyond traditional approaches. Our focus is on practical learning, allowing you to engage actively with the language from the beginning. Our lessons are filled with conversational activities, role-playing, and real-life scenarios, making each session a dynamic and immersive experience.

Duration and Package Details:

For the convenience of our students, we offer various packages to cater to different learning goals:

1. Conversational Korean Basic Level:

  • Duration: 10 sessions
  • Session Length: 2 hours each
  • Total Hours: 20 hours
  • Pricing: $1,780 for 1 student or $1,980 for 2 students

2. Conversational Korean Elementary / Intermediate or Business Korean:

  • Duration: 10 sessions
  • Session Length: 2 hours each
  • Total Hours: 20 hours
  • Pricing: $1,980 for 1 student or $2,180 for 2 students

3. TOPIK Preparation:

  • Duration: 10 sessions
  • Session Length: 2 hours each
  • Total Hours: 20 hours
  • Pricing: $1,980 for 1 student

Our flexible scheduling lets you choose the timing that best suits your routine. Whether you are an early bird, a lunchtime learner, or prefer evening sessions, we can accommodate your preferences. The goal is to make language learning fit seamlessly into your life.

By offering a variety of packages and accommodating schedules, we aim to provide you with a personalized and enjoyable learning experience.

Private Korean Class Fee

Let’s break down the fees for our private Korean classes, offering flexibility for individuals and pairs. Whether you prefer face-to-face sessions or online classes, our pricing structure ensures accessibility and affordability.


  • Fees are inclusive for both 1 student and 2 students.
  • Sessions are conducted either face-to-face in physical classes or through online Zoom classes.
  • The pricing aims to provide affordable options for both individual learners and pairs.

Start your Korean language learning journey with our flexible, reasonably priced private classes. Whether you’re aiming for conversational skills, business proficiency, or TOPIK success, our classes cater to diverse learning needs.

Why Choose Korean Explorer?

TOPIK-Aligned Courses:

At Korean Explorer, our courses are thoughtfully designed to align with the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK). This ensures that our students are learning the language and preparing for a recognized proficiency examination. Visit our dedicated TOPIK page to learn how we can guide you towards success.

Certified and Experienced Instructors:

Our team of instructors is certified in Korean language education and brings a wealth of experience to the classroom. Our instructors create a supportive and engaging environment that caters to various skill levels.

Interactive and Multimedia-rich Lessons:

Engaging lessons are the heart of our teaching philosophy. We utilize multimedia resources, interactive activities, and real-life scenarios to make every session dynamic and enjoyable. From the basics of the Korean alphabet to advanced conversation skills, our lessons are designed to be both educational and fun.

Flexible Learning Options:

Korean Explorer offers flexibility in both learning formats and schedules. Whether you prefer face-to-face classes or the convenience of online Zoom sessions, we cater to your preferences. We aim to make Korean language learning accessible and accommodating to your lifestyle.

Holistic Approach to Korean Culture:

Beyond language proficiency, our courses integrate insights into Korean culture. Understanding the cultural context enriches your language learning experience, providing a deeper understanding of customs, traditions, and even popular Korean dramas.

Central Business District Location:

Situated in the heart of the central business district, our location provides a convenient and vibrant setting for learning. The dynamic environment contributes to an atmosphere where students actively participate in lessons and enjoy a stimulating learning experience.

Tailored Learning Experience:

At Korean Explorer, we understand that every student is unique. That’s why we offer a personalized and tailored learning experience. Whether you are a complete beginner or someone looking to enhance specific language skills, our instructors adapt their teaching methods to match your individual learning style and goals. This ensures that your language journey is effective and tailored to your preferences, making your learning experience both enjoyable and efficient. Choose Korean Explorer for a customized approach to your unique language learning needs.

Transparent and Affordable Pricing:

Korean Explorer is committed to transparency and affordability. Our fee structure is clear and concise, ensuring you understand the investment in your language education. With options for both individual learners and pairs, we strive to make quality private Korean classes accessible to a diverse audience. Choose Korean Explorer for a straightforward and cost-effective approach to learning the Korean language.

Progress Tracking and Feedback:

At Korean Explorer, we prioritize your progress. Our instructors provide regular feedback to help you understand your strengths and areas for improvement. Through continuous assessment and constructive input, you can track your development, ensuring you are on the right path to mastering the Korean language. Choose us for a learning experience with valuable insights and guidance on your language journey.

Community Engagement and Language Practice:

Joining Korean Explorer means becoming part of a community dedicated to language learning. We facilitate opportunities for students to engage with each other, practice their language skills, and share cultural experiences. Our supportive community enhances learning, allowing you to apply your newfound knowledge and build lasting connections. Choose Korean Explorer for a language course and a community fostering growth and camaraderie.

Choose Korean Explorer for a comprehensive and enjoyable Korean language learning journey. Our TOPIK-aligned courses, experienced instructors, interactive lessons, flexible options, cultural insights, and central location make us the ideal choice for those looking to master the Korean language before going to South Korea.

Join us and discover the joy of learning Korean with a dedicated and passionate language school!

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