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Korean Language School Singapore | Learn Korean Courses in Singapore

You’ve found the right place if you’re looking for top-notch Korean language schools in Singapore. Our school offers Korean language lessons inspired by the renowned Seoul National University syllabus. In our Korean classes, you’ll get to learn Korean from native teachers who are skilled in both Korean and English, making your learning experience smooth and interactive.

Our students love their experiences with us. One of our learners, said, “These Korean lessons have been a game-changer for me. The teachers are so patient and make learning Korean fun!” Another student shared, “I always looked forward to the Korean classes. The lessons are engaging, and I’ve made so many friends in the process.” So, if you’re eager to start learning Korean, why do it alone? Be a part of a community that’s passionate about the Korean language. Our dedicated teachers are here to ensure you have a rewarding learning journey.

Korean Classes Singapore

At Korean Explorer, we have demonstrated that learning the Korean language is not as difficult as most people expect. Over the years, our students have benefited from our Korean classes and seen good improvement in their mastery of the Korean language.

When it comes to learning Korean in Singapore, Korean Explorer stands out as the best Korean language school in Singapore. Our commitment is unwavering as we offer an authentic and engaging learning experience fit for every student, regardless of their proficiency level. Our Korean classes are more than just lessons, they’re a journey into the heart of Korean culture. With a curriculum that’s both comprehensive and captivating, students don’t just learn Korean, they live it.

As one of the best Korean Language schools in Singapore, we are proud to offer well-thought-out and holistic Korean Language lessons using the syllabus from the prestigious Seoul National University. By joining our Korean classes, you can learn Korean directly from native teachers fluent in both Korean and English languages to allow for easy interaction with students.

Instead of struggling to learn the Korean language by yourself, sign up for our Korean lessons and learn from teachers who are trained and dedicated to making your Korean learning journey a smooth-sailing process!

About Our Korean Language Courses

Welcome to Korean Explorer! If you’re looking to kickstart your journey to learn Korean and become fluent in the Korean language, you’ve come to the right place. As a premier Korean Language school in Singapore, we have all the resources you need to help you go the distance. With holistic Korean lessons developed using the syllabus of the prestigious Seoul National University, our dedicated team of native teachers fluent in English and Korean will be with you every step of the way to ensure that you make progress on your goals! At Korean Explorer, we offer a broad range of Korean courses in Singapore from beginner-level classes focusing on conversational Korean, to intermediate-level and TOPIK preparation courses. Depending on your choice of private, group or online Korean classes, you can study Korean one-on-one with your tutor, interact with your fellow classmates to practice your newly acquired skills or receive immediate feedback on your progress in the comfort of your own home.

Benefits of Learning Korean through Our Korean Lessons

Mastering the Korean language is no easy feat, but you can be rest assured that you will make consistent progress towards your goals with the high-quality training we provide in our Korean classes. We firmly believe in helping students build a steady foundation in the Korean language, and to do so requires learning more than just grammatical rules! In order to help you understand and learn Korean more effectively, we use structured teaching methods based on the syllabus used at Seoul National University. Our Korean lessons in Singapore are activity-based and utilize real-world examples from Korean cultures, such as K-dramas or K-pop entertainment genres. Whether our students aim to understand their favourite dramas without having to follow subtitles or wish to better understand the intricacies of the culture they admire, our Korean lessons will enable them to grasp the subtle nuances of the language where others might only be familiar with the basics! At Korean Explorer, we work to immerse you in the enjoyable aspects of Korean culture to help you learn Korean and boost your progress in mastering the language. Studying a foreign language is not an easy task, and the best approach you can take would be to have fun while learning!

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Student Testimonials on Our Korean Lessons

Many people thought that learning the Korean language is very difficult. With our structured Korean courses and lessons plans, the goal is for you to start speaking this language as soon as possible.

korean language courses

At first, I was doubtful about learning a foreign language like Korean. All this changed the moment Korean Explorer teacher introduced the course to me. Our teacher is a native Korean speaker with an excellent command of English. I had fun learning from her, and she goes way beyond the scope of the standard handbook. My Private class schedule is flexible, and this enables to adjust the classes base on my work.

Removed my doubts about learning the Korean language

Fransiskus Nugraha
korean language lessons

My Korean teacher, she is young and enthusiastic – it’s been great fun learning from her. She’s by far the best foreign language teacher I’ve ever had. She engages the class and motivates us. Having completed beginner level 1, I’m able to read some Korean and can easily engage in basic conversation. The group class learning tools like video lessons, workbook and CDs play an important role in the whole learning process.

A passionate and motivational teacher

Ng Phaik Mun
korean courses in singapore

I must say, at first I was a little nervous that my teacher looks so young. That changed very quickly. She is sincere, professional and knowledgeable in his approach to teaching. Through his encouragement, Korean is starting to feel more like a first language to me. I love to study Korean with my group classmate, and we had lots of fun during the practice

Not all good teachers need to be old

Ng Pei Jun
singapore korean courses

Thank you, Korean Explorer and my teacher, it has been a truly motivational experience learning Korean from her. All the class students like and respect her professionalism and the way in which she’s inspired us learning this language. Now I am taking Korean as one of my subjects in school so with this extra help from class; I am sure I can attain a higher level of speaking and reading skills

A motivational mento

Lydia Hanley
singapore korean lessons

I consider myself extremely lucky to have studied Korean with Korean Explorer. The School takes a lot of care in ensuring that everyone understands the learning, adjusting the pace of the lesson to the students’ needs. The learning pace of the beginner group class is great. I trusted the good syllabus produced by Seoul National University has great benefit to our language learning.

Prepared me for an internship in Seoul

Carrie Lee

FAQs on Our Korean Courses & Classes in Singapore

We offer Korean courses from Conversational Beginner Korean language classes to Intermediate level classes and TOPIK preparation courses. Our courses are devised to match different budgets, learning styles and schedules.

Our Korean Language School in Singapore is located @ 137 Cecil Street #07-04, just a five-minute walk away from any part of the Central Business District (CBD) area. Do drop us a call should you be unable to find your way, and we’ll be happy to guide you!

We focus on offering quality training during our Korean classes to help our students master the Korean language. We firmly believe in building a good foundation of the language to enable you to fully grasp every nuance of the language, giving you an edge over people who are only familiar with the basics!

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