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Where to Learn Korean with Language Schools in Singapore Picking up a new language is always a good idea no matter what your purpose is. It enhances the human brain, and it stretches out the horizons of your knowledge while learning another culture aside from yours. In a busy and well-developed country like Singapore, the need to at least be bilingual is common, and in the rise of Korean language interest in the past years, more and more people wants to learn Korean in Singapore. And if you find yourself to be

Top Three Apps for Beginners to learn Korean Hangul (Korean) is one of the most challenging languages to learn for many English speakers. It differs in pronunciation and grammar, making it more difficult for English speakers to master the language. If you live in Singapore but don’t have the luxury to immerse in Korea, you don’t have to worry. Many language institutions can help you learn Korean in Singapore Singapore offers the best language courses in the world. Many language schools are made accessible to the learners. They have a team of

Learn Korean in Singapore with Some Common Words and Phrases If you are eager to learn Korean in Singapore then there are a few essential words and phrases you will want to get under your belt before you get started. These words and phrases will most certainly come in handy as you start your Korean classes. Annyeoung haseyo! (Hello!) Joheun achim. (Good morning.) Je ireum-eun, ______, imnida. (My name is,______) Sungham ee uttoke daesipnika? (What is your name?) Those phrases will start your conversation off on the right foot. As the conversation gets rolling, you can show off your

The Top Three Most Popular Korean Foods that Everyone Simply Must Try   Your taste buds sometimes bring out the best in Korean learning, and that's what the top 3 popular Korean Foods that you must try are all about. Kimchi Whenever you think about Korean food, the national dish of Korea called Kimchi has got to be first on your plate. This traditional Korean food, comprised of fermented vegetables and many seasonings, is generally served as a side dish, but it can also be a main course. Each season has its own variation of

5 Beautiful Things about Korean Culture Korean culture is special. It's not just because it has managed to survive the test of time. It's more because it has managed to grow, change, and develop into what it is today. Five thousand years and still going strong. What are 5 beautiful things about Korean Culture? They are: Korean Language - The Korean Language is spoken by more than 65 million who live on the peninsula itself. It is also spoken by those that live on the outlying islands and also by 5.5 million other

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