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Intermediate Korean Course

  /  Intermediate Korean Course

If you have mastered the basics of Korean language, then you are ready to take your learning to the next phase. By taking an Intermediate Conversation Korean Courses, you will be able to build on your current vocabulary and improve your understanding of grammar and context.

Intermediate conversation courses cover the elements you need in everyday life from asking about an individual’s opinion to expressing your preferences. At this level, you are also exposed to the forms of communication needed for employment. You will learn to discuss experiences, talk about your hobbies and how to complete an interview. Some of the more complex elements of conversation are also explored at the intermediate level. These include how to express modifications, talking about purpose and describing changes.

Further through the intermediate course, you will also engage in learning related to the differences between direct and indirect speech. Here you will discover the differences between passing on information, or making statements, and expressing guesses and dealing with differences of opinion or conflict.

However, conversation rarely stays within these types of limits and an intermediate course will prepare you for the many other subjects that could come up. It covers aspects such as appearance and personality, incidents and accidents, dreams and reality. The intermediate course also covers cultural aspects of language conversation to aid you in understanding words and phrases in context and speed up your learning of this wonderful language. Learn Korean in Singapore with Korean Explorer now.

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Intermediate Korean Course Objectives

This course invites students with prior knowledge of Korean to explore the higher level of the Korean language. Supported by audio-visual aids, students will receive intensive practice in spoken and written Korean through interactive  class work and homework with special emphasis placed on oral communication and pronunciation.

They will become familiar with the complex concepts of Korean grammar and learn how to interact in some complex situations.
Learners will master the complex vocabulary and grammar of Korean language as well as useful information about Korean cultures, acquire pre-intermediate listening, speak, read and writing skills and be able to make many superior conversations about everyday topics in Korean.

The level teaches more than 300 Korean Hangul words frequently used in communications and more than 30 grammar items as well as the topics second language learners are most likely to encounter in their job, leisure time and personal life.

Intermediate 1 – 10 sessions of 2hrs each
Intermediate 2 – 10 sessions of 2hrs each (Equivalent to TOPIK 3)

Upper-Intermediate 1 – 10 sessions of 2hrs each
Upper-Intermediate 2 – 10 sessions of 2hrs each (Equivalent to TOPIK 3)

Advanced 1 – 10 sessions of 2hrs each
Advanced 2 – 10 sessions of 2hrs each (Equivalent to TOPIK 4)

Elementary Korean – 10 sessions of 2hrs each 

BatchStartEndFrequencyPhysical /
Online Fee
City Campus.DateDate10 Sessions 2hrs eachFeeName
KEE1-2805-Eve28 May30 JulEvery Tue 7pm-9pm$450Sang Young
KEE1-0207-Eve02 Jul03 SepEvery Tue 7pm-9pm$450Sang Young
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