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Expert endorsed techniques on how to learn Korean effectively

Expert endorsed techniques on how to learn Korean effectively

Although learning Korean language might seem imposing to a beginner, you can make extraordinary progress by just mastering the alphabets. Many students mistakenly believe that learning a new set of letters is difficult, not know that you can learn them in a matter of hours.

When you need to learn Korean in Singapore, you should remember that Hangul, the Korean alphabet was invented with the sole purpose of making it easy on the learners. Therefore, with the help of modern learning methods, you can lower the learning curve drastically.

Study Proactively Rather than Passively

Active reading increases your comprehension and improves your ability to retain the information. Instead of just learning the words, seek to understand their meaning and context of their usage. Such an approach increases your mastery of the Korean language when undertaking to learn Korean in Singapore.

Space Out Your Study Sessions

Spread your study sessions over several weeks rather than cramming it into a few short days. Keeping your sessions short increases your ability to retain the newly learned words. Make a reading list handy and ensure total comprehension of the current item before moving to the next topic.

Test Your Skills Continually

Creating questions after each session helps to gauge your knowledge and identify the weak points. Close your reference books and summarise the lesson in your words. Polish any weak areas that you identify immediately.


To learn Korean language in Singapore effectively, you need to find a study partner as it increases your vocabularies.






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