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A Beginner’s Starter Kit: How To Master The Korean Language

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With the rising global popularity of Korean entertainment and Korean culture, it’s only natural that many develop an interest in the language itself. It’s derived from the desire to watch their favourite Korean drama or listen to the songs of their favourite Korean artistes without requiring subtitles or translations. Not to mention, Korea’s rapid infrastructure, technological and cosmetic development has made the country one of the most attractive travel destinations within just a few decades – fuelling more to take up the Korean language as a second language for better navigation when travelling.

If you’re one of the many who’s keen to learn Korean, here are a few tips and tricks that will help you be the fluent Korean speaker you’ve always dreamt you’d be.

Have An Experienced Tutor Guide You

Enrolling in Korean classes is the most straightforward approach there is. By breaking the language into bite-sized pieces, the structured curriculum is designed for effective comprehension and engagement so as to achieve maximum learning outcomes. Furthermore, being under the tutelage of a seasoned teacher will give you added advantages in the way you navigate through the language and learning, more so if your tutor is a native Korean speaker!

Furthermore, learning in a classroom – whether it’d be traditional or online setting – allows you to be amidst peers who have the same objective as you do. This gives you an avenue to continually bounce back ideas and thoughts, all whilst practising the language. Being amongst Korean language learners like you also serve as a sort of motivation for you to practise and gradually improve.

Be Consistent With Your Efforts

As with many other subjects, you’d need to always put in effort in earnestly learning the language in a consistent manner. The keyword being consistency. Language is akin to any other type of skill in that if not used regularly, it is susceptible to deterioration. Especially if this language isn’t your native tongue, language attrition is still possible if one doesn’t consciously apply in their everyday life even if one is proficient and fluent in the language.

Start by having a weekly schedule where you dedicate an hour or two studying. You may also want to consider having a language buddy whom you can practise your Korean language on, and they’d be able to point out your mistakes. With constant repetition and practice, you’ll be set to improve your Korean language skills.

Be Clear And Specific With Your Aim

When learning a language, there’s always a level of proficiency and fluency you’d want to reach. This could be to simply master conversational Korean or achieve a level where you could use in a corporate setting. Either way, you’d want to know the reason why’d you want to learn Korean to know when you should be satisfied. By doing so, you’d have a gist of what areas you should be invested in and the approaches made available to you to reach the goal. For instance, there is no need for you to enrol in an intermediate Korean class if all you wanted was to have a good grasp in conversational Korean. With a clear goal in mind, figuring out your way towards it will be much easier.

Whether it’d be conversational Korean or otherwise, let Korean Explorer help you! With the resources made avail to you, you’d be able to reach your desired proficiency and fluency level in no time! Don’t wait and sign up for our Korean lessons in Singapore today, and you’d be able to boost your Korean mastery in no time!

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