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Online Korean Classes: Start Learning Korean Today

  /  Online Korean Classes: Start Learning Korean Today

Many people now want to learn Korean because of the so-called ‘K-wave,’ where K-dramas and K-pop are becoming more famous, inspiring people to connect with the country’s culture and entertainment. If you are eager to ride this wave, you might consider starting with online Korean classes. These virtual platforms are becoming increasingly popular because they offer the convenience of learning from anywhere globally, including regions like Singapore.

You might be wondering how to study Korean effectively. Online Korean lessons have various resources, making learning interactive and enjoyable. It enables you to learn Korean online at your own pace to understand the language well. Furthermore, if you are based in Singapore, you’ll find numerous platforms offering services like learning Korean in Singapore. Online Korean learning platforms allow you to easily find programs that suit your schedule and learning style, making Korean learning in Singapore a breeze.

You might also be eager to know how to speak Korean fluently, and you need not worry, as many conversational Korean courses help you become fluent. You can practice regularly on these platforms and even interact with native speakers. Remember, you will also learn about the culture of Korea. It is a gateway to a vibrant culture. So whether you’re considering learning Korean in Singapore or anywhere else, take the leap and start your Korean language learning journey today!

Why Should You Learn Korean?

Learning the Korean language at a reputable Korean language school could be your gateway to a world of opportunities and fun. Think about enjoying K-dramas and Korean media with a deeper understanding of mingling fluently with native Korean speakers. Online classes, possibly found at esteemed places like Yonsei University, allow you to learn Korean at your own pace, even with a busy schedule. These courses make lessons fun and interactive from beginner level to elementary level, closely aligned with daily life vocabulary usage.

You’d be learning from new teachers, possibly even native Korean ones, who make every lesson engaging, aiding in a better understanding of Korean culture. Whether you want to speak Korean proficiently or enhance your Korean skills for business or travel, opting for a Korean language course could be a brilliant move. So, don’t hesitate. Find a Korean class that suits your timetable and budget, and start your journey in the Korean language and culture from the comfort of your home today.

Learning Korean has several advantages, such as improved communication, enhanced travel experiences and cultural understanding, and career advancement.

1. Improved Communication

Signing up for a Korean language course can give you lots of connections. Diving into Korean classes, possibly through online platforms, can help you strengthen your linguistic skills considerably.

As you study language and culture through engaging lessons, you’ll become confident and fluent when communicating with native speakers. Learning with native Korean teachers, these classes can be a great experience, helping you grasp the nuances of daily conversations and media, including popular K-dramas. Even with a hectic schedule, you can find a course and explore a new language at your preferred time.

2. Enhanced Travel Experiences

Enrolling in a Korean language school can be helpful if you travel to South Korea for whatever purpose. Acquiring Korean skills through interactive lessons can boost your confidence; that way, you will enjoy a conversation with the locals and watch Korean movies without subtitles.

Korean language school varies in the course fee; however, choosing the right school to learn Korean is worth the price and can become a worthy investment. Teachers meticulously guide language learners through these courses, ensuring that lessons are fun and the school syllabus is aligned with practical vocabulary usage.

So, take a Korean class and let your linguistic journey enhance your communication and interaction with Korean speakers, adding a wonderful dimension to your travel or living experience in South Korea.

3. Enhanced Cultural Understanding

Online Korean courses enable students to have a deeper understanding of the culture. Through comprehensive Korean language courses, students acquire the tools to explore and appreciate Korean art, literature, and music more intimately. These classes, often guided by native teachers, offer a glimpse into the world of Korean traditions that students can appreciate. Through interactive lessons focusing on language and culture, students can become more connected and enjoy their Korean dramas or even use them in business.

4. Career Advancement

Mastering the Korean language can give you a notable edge in the job market. Through a well-structured course at a recognized Korean language school, you can use this to your advantage in business. Being proficient in Korean can unlock opportunities in roles that require interaction with native speakers or even positions in translation and interpretation.

Moreover, if you have Korean business partners or team members, studying a course can help you have a smooth conversation and a deep understanding of their culture. Thus, choosing the right Korean language course can be a wise move for your career growth.

How Are Our Online Korean Lessons Conducted?

If you want to learn this foreign language, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed. Why? Korean online classes are conducted in a variety of methods tailored to your individual needs. Let’s delve into these options:

1. Online Classroom

The online platform you will use for Korean classes offers interactive classes through a virtual classroom, often facilitated by video conferencing. This setup allows for engaging sessions with native Korean teachers right from your class, providing a rich, rounded education. With a well-planned syllabus that makes lessons fun, beginner and intermediate-level students can acquire a deeper appreciation for Korean culture, music, and traditions while enhancing their language skills, all at a reasonable course fee.

2. Live Sessions

Synchronous online classes or live Korean classes are designed to be interactive and guided by expert teachers. These classes offer a blend of interactive activities and discussions, often with a strong focus on engaging aspects of Korean culture, dramas, and music. Students can actively participate to connect and understand the course content.

Moreover, there is room for improvement in the ‘Q and A’ sessions, where students can ask questions to the teacher after each class to get the necessary answers.

At a lower course fee, live sessions aim to help students be fluent in the language.

3. Supplementary Materials

Korean language school also provides students with supplementary learning materials or resources. This helps students improve their learning and study experience virtually. These include downloadable notes and practice exercises that are closely aligned with the syllabus, helping students with their language knowledge. Additionally, audio recordings are available that can help enhance their Korean skills. This way, students can have an enjoyable learning experience.

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Online Lesson Schedule

Conversational Korean Beginner 1 ~ Online Lesson Schedule

KEOLB1-1007-AmKorean Beginner 1
- 10 sessions 2hrs each
10 Jul12 AugEvery Mon & Wed
KEOLB1-1507-Am*Korean Beginner 1
- 10 sessions 2hrs each
15 Jul14 AugEvery Mon & Wed
KEOLB1-1607-EveKorean Beginner 1
- 10 sessions 2hrs each
16 Jul24 SepEvery Tue 7pm-9pm$450
KEOLB1-2107-SunKorean Beginner 1
- 10 sessions 2hrs each
21 Jul22 SepEvery Sun 3.30pm-5.30pm$450
KEOLB1-2307-Eve*Korean Beginner 1
- 10 sessions 2hrs each
23 Jul01 OctEvery Tue 7pm-9pm$450
KEOLB1-2807-Sun*Korean Beginner 1
- 10 sessions 2hrs each
28 Jul29 SepEvery Sun 3.30pm-5.30pm$450
J-KEOLB1-2707-SatKorean Beginner 1
- 10 sessions 2hrs each
27 Jul28 SepEvery Sat 1pm-3pm$450
KEOLB1-0808-AmKorean Beginner 1
- 10 sessions 2hrs each
08 Aug10 SepEvery Tue & Thu
KEOLB1-1508-EveKorean Beginner 1
- 10 sessions 2hrs each
15 Aug17 OctEvery Thu 7pm-9pm$500
KEOLB1-1808-SunKorean Beginner 1
- 10 sessions 2hrs each
18 Aug20 OctEvery Sun 1pm-3pm$500
J-KEOLB1-2508-SunKorean Beginner 1
- 10 sessions 2hrs each
25 Aug27 OctEvery Sun 3.30pm-5.30pm$500

Beginner 01 Group Lessons: 10 sessions over 10 weeks ~ City Campus

BatchStart DateEnd DateFrequencyPhysical FeeOnline Fee
KEB1-2307-Eve*23 Jul01 OctEvery Tue 7pm-9pm$450$450
KEB1-2807-Sun*28 Jul29 SepEvery Sun 3.30pm-5.30pm$450$450
KEB1-0808-Am08 Aug10 SepEvery Tue & Thu
KEB1-1508-Eve15 Aug17 OctEvery Thu 7pm-9pm$500$500
KEB1-1808-Sun18 Aug20 OctEvery Sun 1pm-3pm$500$500
KEB1-0509-Am05 Sep08 OctEvery Tue & Thu
KEB1-1909-Eve19 Sep21 NovEvery Thu 7pm-9pm$500$500
KEB1-2109-Sat21 Sep23 NovEvery Sat 3.30pm-5.30pm$500$500

Beginner 01 Group Lessons: 10 sessions over 10 weeks ~ Jurong Campus Physical Lesson Schedule

Location to Jurong Campus

KEJB1-2707 Sat27 Jul28 SepEvery Sat 1pm-3pm$450$450
KEJB1-0308 Sat*03 Aug05 OctEvery Sat 1pm-3pm$450$450
KEJB1-2508 Sun25 Aug27 OctEvery Sun 3.30-5.30pm$500$500
KEJB1-2909 Sun29 Sep01 DecEvery Sun 1.30-3.30pm$500$500

Beginner 02 Group Lessons: 10 sessions over 10 weeks ~ City Campus

City Campus137 Cecil Street10 Sessions of 2hrs ea
KEB2_2007_Sat20 Jul21 SepEvery Sat 1pm-3pm$450$450Junkyu
KEB2_2707_Sat*27 Jul28 SepEvery Sat 1pm-3pm$450$450
KEB2_2507_AM25 Jul27 AugEvery Tue & Thu
KEB2_1008_Sat10 Aug12 OctEvery Sat 3pm-5pm$500$500Jaehee

Elementary Group Lessons: 10 sessions over 10 weeks ~ City Campus

BatchStartEndFrequencyPhysical /
Online Fee
City Campus.DateDate10 Sessions 2hrs eachFeeName
KEE1-2805-Eve28 May30 JulEvery Tue 7pm-9pm$450Sang Young
KEE1-0207-Eve02 Jul03 SepEvery Tue 7pm-9pm$450Sang Young

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Do you have an online Korean class available?
    • Yes, we have both physical Korean classes and online classes available, student can choose either Korean learning option to attend.
  • If I choose Physical class, can I still attend Online throughout the course if I cannot come to the centre for class?
    • Yes, for Physical class students, at any point if you cannot attend in person, feel free to inform the teacher that you will be taking the session as Online via Zoom.
  • How do I claim my SkillsFuture Credits for the Korean Language¬†course?
    • Firstly, after the student indicates to us which class to attend, our school will email the registration form.
    • Next, we will prepare the SkillsFuture invoice and funding application guide for students to apply for funding via the MySkillsFuture portal.
    • After claim submission, the claim ID will obtain approval with default $600 SF Credits. If SF credits are sufficient, students do not need to top-up.
    • Student ready Singpass on this first session to scan for attendance followed by the collection of course material

Why Should I Choose Korean Explorer?

Korean Explorer is different from your typical language school as it offers students an online or physical class. On top of that, here are some reasons why you should choose or study your lesson at Korean Explorer.

1. Approved Curriculum Aligned with TOPIK

The Korean courses available are crafted to align well with the TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korea) standards, a critical aspect of language proficiency. Through well-structured, fun and interactive classes, students are guided to master various language levels, making them well-prepared to excel in the TOPIK examinations. This close alignment with TOPIK not only aids in a thorough understanding of the Korean language but also ensures students are competitively positioned in both academic and professional spheres.

2. Certified and Experienced Teachers

At Korean Explorer, students are guided by highly qualified instructors proficient in the Korean language and culture. These experienced teachers, often native speakers, employ interactive classes to make learning engaging and memorable. They ensure students become adept in the language while gaining a rich understanding of Korean traditions and contemporary life. Their expertise helps to create a vibrant and enriching classroom experience, making Korean Explorer a sought-after destination for language learners.

3. Quality Learning

Lessons are crafted to be highly engaging, utilising a blend of multimedia resources and exercises. Students can expect to encounter real-life scenarios during classes, promoting practical language use and a deeper connection with Korean culture. This dynamic approach ensures an engaging learning experience, making Korean Explorer a preferred choice for prospective aspiring students.

Are You Eligible for SkillsFuture Credits?

Korean Explorer’s courses are eligible for SkillsFuture Credits usage, making it convenient for students to embark on their language journey. The courses, structured to build foundational skills from the basics, incorporate visual aids for intensive spoken and written Korean practice. The curriculum, closely aligned with everyday language use, emphasises communication and pronunciation. As students progress, the focus shifts to enhancing communicative skills, encompassing engaging vocabulary practices and role-playing dialogues. Thus, students get a comprehensive, interactive, and engaging learning experience at Korean Explorer, from mastering Hangul (the Korean alphabet) to becoming proficient in daily conversations.

Start Your Korean Journey Today!

    FAQs on Our Online Korean Lessons

    Our online Korean lessons are conducted via live streaming video on Zoom with the guidance of our native teachers.

    Our schedules and timings are based on Singapore Local Time /UTC/GMT +8 hours.

    Our lessons follow a well-paced class schedule and utilise practical learning tools such as interactive materials, one-on-one teacher feedback and e-learning resources to support your journey. In addition, our native teachers have been trained to guide students and help them achieve better comprehension and knowledge of the language while catering to their individual learning styles.

    Our tuition fees are as follows:

    ~ Private Online Class package of 10 sessions (2 hours each): $1,780 (Beginner Conversational Korean) / $1,980 (Elementary Conversational ~ Business Korean) per student.

    ~ Group Online Class package of 10 sessions (2 hours each): $500 per student.

    ~ Online Course Registration Fee: $50 per student (For private & group class)

    ~ Online Course Material Fee: $50 per student (For private & group class)

    ~ Students will receive a copy of the Korean course book, e-workbook, audio files and recorded video lessons.

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