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Should You Go To School To Learn A Second Language?

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Learning a new language isn’t easy. It’s not like learning a new bike, or learning how to swim. It’s an entirely different process that can take the average person months if not years to do.

But, some people swear that they’ve been able to do it in much less time. Some went to a language school to do it, while others did it on their own.

As such, we’re here to help answer the question, “Should you go to school to learn a second language?”

Why It’s Worth It

The biggest reason why you should to go to language school, like taking a Korean class in Singapore, is simple: it allows you to learn a new language through its context.

Learning a language isn’t just learning a new word or a new phrase. To really learn a new language, you have to be able to use it in the same way that you would use in real life. That takes, not just knowledge, but a whole lot of practice.

Learning on your own via books, apps, movies, can only do so much, but the only way to acquire a new language and actually be able to call yourself proficient in it is to constantly practice it in a real-life setting. Even though classrooms are far from a real-life setting, it is a close approximation of it, and since many language schools strictly enforce the rule of speaking only the language being taught or learned in the classroom, the language-acquisition process is much faster because you are constantly surrounded by people who are speaking the same language.

Of course, not all language schools are perfect. There have been cases when students continue to speak in their native language despite being in the classroom already. That can be counterproductive. After all, the main point of you enrolling in a Korean class in Singapore is to have as close of an approximation as possible of what it would feel like to be surrounded by native speakers when in Korea.

This is why it’s very important to choose a good language school or enroll yourself in a good class that has tons of experience and has a high success rate.

How to Choose a Good Language School

There are many factors that go into choosing a good language school. This includes proximity, price, qualifications, and previous history.

A good question to ask yourself and the language school is how the experience of being enrolled is like. Is it similar to the experience of living among locals? If so, that’s a good sign that they are a good language school.

Language schools that simulate closely the environment of living among locals are often the most successful.

Make sure to do your research and ask previous participants of the same class or program to see if it’s worth it to enroll in the said language school.

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