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Reasons Why Korean Culture Is So Popular

Reasons Why Korean Culture Is So Popular

Looking and listening to Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages, you may assume they are offshoots of the same language. Similarities also run through Korean, Chinese and Japanese cultures, and these may meld together in your mind, leading you to assume that they are one and the same. However, all these people are very different and every one of them has their own distinct history and culture.

This article attempts to investigate the reasons behind the popularity of Korean culture. There was a time when people knew very little about Korean culture. This is changing with the increasing popularity of Korean cuisine, dramas, game shows and movies. More and more people are enrolling in korean lessons in singapore and all around the world. Keep reading to understand why Korean culture is so popular.

Hallyu (Korean Wave)

Korea faced the reign of a dictatorship until the 90’s, whose policies led it to be seen as a closed country. After the democratic process initiated, the country started to open up to outside world. Prosperity levels started to rise. Finally, in 2010 there was a concerted effort to export Korean cultural products. However, the real boom came in 2012 with the release of Gangnam Style. When it went viral of YouTube, people began to wonder about the Korean culture and as a result of this increased interest Korean culture started to become more popular.

Electronic Companies

You probably know about LG and Samsung but did you know that they are Korean companies? After the Korean wave, these companies started to employ marketing tactics known as Hallyu marketing to increase their sales. Guess what? It worked and increased their sales by an average of 30%. These companies played a major role in linking their global operations to mainstream Korean culture.

Korean Dramas

Some of you might have heard about Korean dramas. They are very popular in East Asian and South Asian countries. Interest has also spiked in European countries and the United States in the recent years. Due to Hallyu and subsequent popularity of Korean dramas, the Korean culture’s popularity is increasing at an exceptional pace.

Korean Movies

Korean movies and stars have been lauded and commended by the global film community. They have a unique element to them, are extremely popular in East Asian countries while gaining ground in Western countries. This prompted many people to watch their Korean movies in particular and other Korean movies in general; enabling the people to get acquainted with Korean culture.


Music can be seen as one of the most important factors behind Hallyu. K-pop is a popular genre of music, heard all over the world and it also gave us Gangnam Style. The popularity of K-pop idols should not be estimated as they are a constant source of material and popularity for the Hallyu Wave.

Korean Cuisine

There was once a time when Korean restaurants outside of Korea only saw Korean or at most East Asian visitors. Thanks to Hallyu, Korean cuisine is becoming extremely popular. Kimchi, bibimbap, and bulgogi are favored by many around the world. Cuisine is an important part of any culture and its popularity automatically translates into more and more interest in Korean culture.

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