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How to Have A More Fulfilling Travel Experience In Korea

The idea of travelling the world may sound like fun, but there are certain things that get the best of you. While travelling or spending your holidays in a different country might be appealing, there is so much that you need to consider before travelling anywhere.

One such country is Korea where most travellers visit and later wish that they knew certain things about the area. Korea can be fun, however not knowing how things work there can be intimidating. One of the biggest barriers while visiting Korea as a tourist is the language. Many Koreans have a decent understanding of English but it is not widely spoken. Even the most tourist friendly places might have vendors who are unable to understand what you say.

If you are planning to visit Korea anytime soon, we have compiled a list of things that you must be familiar with if you want to make the best out of your trip. These things will make sure that your trip remains fun and you leave fully satisfied.

  • Language

All Koreans speak Korean and even vendors located in tourist-dense areas won’t be able to understand English. It is essential that you learn the most commonly used hangul so you can follow where conversations are headed. If you are travelling to Korea then it is essential that you register yourself in a good korean language class in singapore. This way you will make sure that your trip remains hassle free and you get the most out of this trip.

  • Transport

The easiest way to travel around is by train, they arrive frequently and punctually. On top of being punctual, taking these trains aren’t expensive and you can get yourself a card and then travel using it. You need to avoid black cabs as they can be quite expensive, go for the silver or orange ones instead. Also, be careful of cons as they might try to charge you extra considering that you are a foreigner and know nothing about fare charges.

  • Weather

Korea can get extremely hot during July and August, so much so that government announces heat wave warnings during this time. It is recommended that you travel to Korea during April, June or September. Regardless of which time of the year you travel to Korea, it is important that you drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated.

  • Public toilets

Public toilets in Korea are quite clean and located at reasonable locations. If trash cans cannot be found nearby, you might have to wait until you find the next dustbin.

If you plan on visiting Korea anytime soon or in the near future, don’t forget to follow these simple yet common tips. These will make your trip more enjoyable, fun and stress free. Travelling to another country can be a little overwhelming, however, if you do your research early you are bound to have a good trip.

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