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January 2018

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Korea is a country with a rich history and established cultural values. Koreans are extremely proud of their history, customs, and values. They might not expect one to act in accordance with those customs and values while in a foreign country but they certainly expect one to adhere to them while in Korea. If you’re planning to visit Korea, it might be a good idea to educate yourself about the dos and don’ts of the culture they cherish and maybe even take korean courses in singapore. We have compiled for you

Korean is the seventeenth most widely spoken language in the world. Knowing Korean will allow you to interact with your Korean neighbours, friends, co-workers or even staff in your favourite Korean bar. Speaking the local language is a tourist’s handiest tool when it comes to discovering and understanding a national culture. If you plan on visiting the sizeable, dynamic and beautiful country that is South Korea, being fluent in Korean will make your visit even better. Easy To Comprehend Alphabet Hanguel, the Korean alphabet, is easy to learn. It only requires a

Asia is home to a huge variety of cultures and languages. Narrowing it down, East Asia in particular has several seemingly similar cultures that are very different from a closer look. Korean culture and language are one of these similar-but-different East Asian cultures. If you are looking to learn Korean, you should be prepared for a tough challenge ahead because it is not an easy language to pick up simply through korean classes in singapore. However, to help you travel this journey smoothly, here is a guide to help prepare

The Korean film and movie industry is very popular all over the world. It has gained considerable success and produced many fantastic movies and dramas. Many fans of Korean movies and dramas, or Korean media products in general, eventually take up korean classes in singapore to get more familiar with the language. Watching Korean movies is a great resource, a fun way of learning everyday vocabulary and conversational Korean to compliment to classroom Korean lessons. It is easy to pick up bits of dialogue from the movie as you watch and

The popularity of Korean language has seen an exponential increase in popularity since the onset of the Hallyu wave. More and more people are interested in learning the Korean language. Many more are signing up for korean courses in singapore. However, every language is nothing without its vocabulary and Korean is no exception. One has to enhance his or her vocabulary to learn and speak a language efficiently. Learning Korean language and its vocabulary will seem like a daunting task, but it is not nearly as complicated as it seems. There

The phonetics of any new language is hard to grasp. Do not worry though, here are a few verbal exercises which can help you learn to speak Korean faster and more fluidly. All you need is a little bit of confidence and a mirror! Sell something Stand in front of a mirror, choose any of your favourite products and try selling that product in Korean. Take around two minutes to list the distinctive features and benefits of the product you are pretending to sell. Make a fun advertisement and turn towards the There's a lot of mystery surrounding the Korean language. Some of this stems from the reason that people are scared to know the language better. The language has roughly about 78 million speakers worldwide and most people speak it without losing their minds so you needn't and shouldn’t worry.  Over here we'll tell you of some myths about Korean that simply aren't true. Grammar Intricacies At first glance, Korean can seem to be a language from another world because we refuse to acknowledge its worldwide existence. People believe that its grammar is

Looking and listening to Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages, you may assume they are offshoots of the same language. Similarities also run through Korean, Chinese and Japanese cultures, and these may meld together in your mind, leading you to assume that they are one and the same. However, all these people are very different and every one of them has their own distinct history and culture. This article attempts to investigate the reasons behind the popularity of Korean culture. There was a time when people knew very little about Korean culture. This

The idea of travelling the world may sound like fun, but there are certain things that get the best of you. While travelling or spending your holidays in a different country might be appealing, there is so much that you need to consider before travelling anywhere. One such country is Korea where most travellers visit and later wish that they knew certain things about the area. Korea can be fun, however not knowing how things work there can be intimidating. One of the biggest barriers while visiting Korea as a tourist

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