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An Overview of the Korean Culture | Learn Korean in Singapore

An Overview of the Korean Culture | Learn Korean in Singapore

Also known as “Chao Xian: The Land of the Morning Calm” Korea’s splendid beauty and history were first recorded and mentioned in the Chinese records in the 7th century B.C. during the fall of the Gojoseon (ancient Kingdom) period in 108 B.C. Then on, founding myths like the Dangun and Gija became popular that historians believe it has a relation to the founding of Gojoseon but still remains arguable until now. It was around 2000 B.C. that a new pottery culture was discovered around the peninsula and believed that the inhabitants were already familiar with agriculture because of the bronze daggers found in burial sites were unique and rectangular huts found all throughout.

Though most of its histories are debatable and still undergo series of researches and studies, this country is undoubtedly one of the great economic hubs in Asia today. Their past may have left their ancestors in great despair, may have been divided into the North and South but this did not let them stop there, they continued to fight for what they believed and had been prudent and persevered until they became the country that they are today. The Korean Culture was built in solid foundations of family ties. Highly influenced by Confucianism, the people of this country greatly give values to the family, community and the whole society. The modern day Koreans have conquered the world by allowing them to witness their culture, traditions, food language and way of living.

In Asia, a good number of workers and immigrants sprouted all over especially in Singapore. The 17% total population has gained a strong bond between the two countries. Today, one can easily learn Korean in Singapore because of the many language centers put up and set up by native speakers. This is one way of getting to know the colorful culture of this humble country.


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