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An Overview of the Korean Culture | Learn Korean in Singapore Also known as “Chao Xian: The Land of the Morning Calm” Korea’s splendid beauty and history were first recorded and mentioned in the Chinese records in the 7th century B.C. during the fall of the Gojoseon (ancient Kingdom) period in 108 B.C. Then on, founding myths like the Dangun and Gija became popular that historians believe it has a relation to the founding of Gojoseon but still remains arguable until now. It was around 2000 B.C. that a new pottery

How Does Korean Language and Culture Differ From Other Asian Countries? Apparently, there are a lot of factors why Korean culture and language differ from other Asian countries’ language and culture. Although all countries have a distinct rich history and background, Korea is one of the Asian countries that stand out due to many reasons. One may no longer need to learn Korean Singapore to know the exact and distinct features of the country and its culture. Geographical Location The location of Korea on the globe is quite different from others because of

Get to know more about Korean food, people and it's culture   Korean Culture Korean pop or K-pop is already present in the 1990s, however, it gained its popularity among teenagers in the start of the 21st century. K-pop influenced people around the world and it made people want to learn more about the Korean culture. Some people are mesmerized on how they look – with their smooth skin and their fashion. Some wanted to learn their language in Good Korean Language School in Singapore– so they would be able to understand what

6 Efficient Hangul Tips to Learn Korean in Singapore Learning Korean language in Singapore is no longer a rare case scenario nowadays. Ever since its culture became a global phenomenon, a lot of people are already showing interest to learn this language. Before it took over the world at 2010, the Korean Wave or Hallyu started on its neighboring countries first-- including Singapore. This rapidly growing fan base became the reason why there are a lot of demand learning this language in Singapore.   Language learning is indeed difficult, especially when learning new languages is not your

Five Insights into learning Korean as a foreign language People all over the world have taken it upon themselves learning Korean for a variety of different reasons, including being able to take the opportunity to expand their horizons. Here are five insights you may not have thought of that have everything to do to learn Korean language: Learning a foreign language is always useful and helpful for people in the business world. Korean is a language that offers a lot for those who wish to learn an Asian language. Learning Korean can help you

The Top Three Most Popular Korean Foods that Everyone Simply Must Try   Your taste buds sometimes bring out the best in Korean learning, and that's what the top 3 popular Korean Foods that you must try are all about. Kimchi Whenever you think about Korean food, the national dish of Korea called Kimchi has got to be first on your plate. This traditional Korean food, comprised of fermented vegetables and many seasonings, is generally served as a side dish, but it can also be a main course. Each season has its own variation of

5 Beautiful Things about Korean Culture Korean culture is special. It's not just because it has managed to survive the test of time. It's more because it has managed to grow, change, and develop into what it is today. Five thousand years and still going strong. What are 5 beautiful things about Korean Culture? They are: Korean Language - The Korean Language is spoken by more than 65 million who live on the peninsula itself. It is also spoken by those that live on the outlying islands and also by 5.5 million other

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