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Reasons to learn Korean

Have you ever felt interested to take up a new foreign language? Out of the many languages, why not take up Korean? In the recent years, there has been a boom in Korean music, drama, and game shows on TV. Because of this, more and more people are starting to get interested in picking up the Korean language.

Everyone has their own personal reasons for studying Korean. For some, it may be just to learn a new language; for others, they may want to pursue something much more with the language. So then, what are some good reasons for learning the Korean language?

Able to gain a better understanding of Korean culture

An important aspect that is so tightly linked to the Korean language is its culture. The Korean culture is unique and has many different elements. To be able to fully grasp and understand how the culture works, immersing yourself first into the language would definitely help you understand these various elements.

Increasing your brainpower through learning Korean

Similar to the Chinese language, Korean uses many characters in different combinations. By learning Korean, you train you brain to learn how to memorise and remember the pronunciation and meaning of each unique character. Continuously learning the language can help actively stimulate your brain, which would in turn enhance intellectual development and growth.

korean classes singaporeGetting a better experience when travelling to Korea

If you’re really interested in the Korean culture and are learning the language, you would definitely want to visit Korea in the near future. When you put effort into learning Korean, it would make your travel experience much richer and more meaningful. Imagine being able to communicate in Korean with the people whom you meet when touring around the country. In addition, this would help you learn about the culture in a more intimate way.

Learning Korean through lessons

There are various centers around Singapore that offer Korean classes. For instance, here at Korean Explorer, we aim to help students interested in learning the language to be able to do so by providing a range of courses of varying levels. For those who would like to learn Korean seriously, we have a structured Korean program
me that uses the syllabus from Seoul National University in addition to our native Korean teachers who are fluent in the language.

With that, after deciding the reason behind your motivation for learning the language, you can choose the kind of course that would be suitable to what you want to achieve. With the correct motivation, you can definitely go far!

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