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Master the Korean language with Korean Explorer

Korean Explorer

Korean Explorer is the leading Good korean language school in Singapore. This is the best place to go to if you are in dire need to learn the Korean language. People have been learning the Korean language with Korean

Explorer for various reasons.

Some are businessmen trying to speak fluently when dealing businesses with Korean clients, some want to communicate better with their in-laws and soon to be relatives, some are preparing for a trip to Korea, while some want to learn the Korean language because they are fascinated by the Korean pop culture.
Whatever your reasons are, we welcome you with open arms. Our professionalism and excellence have made us highly popular Korean language school in the vicinity.

Teachers at Korean Explorer

The teachers at this highly reputed Korean language school are highly talented, skilled, and experts in Korean language. Our teachers are native Korean speakers who speak fluent English. The teachers are trained to conduct lessons involving fun, intensive, and involved activities built around the popular K-pop and K-drama entertainment, especially in group classes.

Our courses

As a professional Korean language school, we do not put all our students in a classroom. We separate them according to their level of proficiency to ensure their learning process is highly effective. We have basic Korean course and Intermediate Korean Course.

Types of classes

It is to be noted that we provide two types of classes in this Korean language school. There are group classes and private classes. We truly understand that people learn languages at different capacities. Hence, we are ready to provide them with the types of classes which will make them effective learners.

Client Testimonials

‘Our teacher is a native Korean speaker with an excellent command of English. I had fun learning from her, and she goes way beyond the scope of the standard handbook. My Private class schedule is flexible, and this enables to adjust the classes base on my work’- Fransiskus Nugraha.
‘I consider myself extremely lucky to have studied Korean with Korean Explorer. The School takes a lot of care in ensuring that everyone understands the learning, adjusting the pace of the lesson to the students’ needs. The learning pace of the beginner group class is great’ – Carrie Lee.

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