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How Long Do You Need To Master The Korean Language

Korean Courses In SingaporeLearning a new language is always a fun thing to do, and especially if it’s an Asian language like Chinese or Korean. Although these languages aren’t as tough as the more complex ones, it does take time to learn any new language. Our professional and personal lives leave us with only a little time to learn a new language. Many times, people want to know the exact time it will take them to learn Korean.

The answer to that depends on many factors, and among them, the first thing is how much willing are you to learn the language. Some other points are:

  1. Familiarity with Other Languages

People who already speak any other foreign language can easily learn a new language. This is because bilinguals usually find it much easier to grasp a language. Their brains are accustomed to learning a new language.

  1. Learning in Parts or in Whole

One main factor that decides how long you will take to learn a language depends on how much you are willing to learn. Do you want to learn the grammar, or vocabulary, or just want to improve your reading or listening skills? Once you decide that, learning becomes easier.

  1. The Difficulty of the Chosen Language

The third factor is obviously the language you want to learn. Although Korean is a tough language for the English, but for the Singaporeans, it is easier to grasp as Singaporeans are more exposed to the Korean culture through music, TV shows, and fashion. It has also become one of the more popular Asian languages among many Asian countries, so the motivation to learn is already present.

  1. Method of Learning

Next, the method of learning plays a huge role too. Some people learn the language merely from CDs, and from watching YouTube videos. However, others opt for joining language classes. If you are looking for face-to-face, join Korean courses in Singapore.

  1. Attitude Towards Learning

Another factor that decides how fast you learn the language is your attitude towards learning Korean. If you take up a second language just because you have to, then it will surely take a lot of your time. However, if you want to learn a new language because that’s what you want to do, then the learning process would be a lot faster.

  1. Dedicating Time

The last factor is how much time you are willing to give in learning the course. According to recent studies, students who give at least 1-hour each day in learning any new language, learn a lot faster. This mode of learning can be anything, whether you watch a movie or read a book in that language.

So, how much time do you really need in learning Korean?

Realistically speaking, you need to put at least 2 hours independently, each day to master the language. If you follow this regime religiously, then you will learn the language fluently in about 1000 hours or so.

In the end, remember, whenever you take up any new language, you need to have patience and put in all your effort to it. Learning cannot come in a day or a week, or without effort. Be patient and enjoy learning a new language.

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