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December 2018

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Learning a new language is always a fun thing to do, and especially if it’s an Asian language like Chinese or Korean. Although these languages aren’t as tough as the more complex ones, it does take time to learn any new language. Our professional and personal lives leave us with only a little time to learn a new language. Many times, people want to know the exact time it will take them to learn Korean. The answer to that depends on many factors, and among them, the first thing is how

Typically, when persons show an interest in learning a second language, their choices usually include English, French, Spanish or German. If they show an interest in learning an Asian language, it is usually Mandarin, Japanese or Hindi. But there is one other Asian language that is seeing more and more persons interested in learning the language. That language is Korean. Here are five amazing benefits of learning Korean as a second language: INTRODUCTION TO A DIFFERENT/NEW CULTURE Both North and South Korea have a very rich history and culture. By learning Korean, you

The number of Korean speakers in the world grows every single day. More and more persons are signing up for Korean language courses in order to learn the language, but this doesn’t mean you only have to do that too. Traditionally, persons would only spend hours in a classroom. By the end of their lessons, they may be able to recall a few phrases and pronounce them properly. Add to this avenue to learning Korean and adopt these methods of learning outside of a classroom below: MASTERING HANGUL For beginners to the Korean

Have you ever heard the expression “work smarter, not harder"? This strategy also applies when learning Korean. Here are five of the best ways to learn Korean: FINDING A KOREAN LEARNING PARTNER Finding a Korean learning partner can make all the difference. There are two different types of Korean learning partners. The first type of Korean learning partner is one who is a native speaker of the language. He or she can help you to sound more natural when speaking the language, show you shortcuts when writing, give you advice on how

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