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The Top 8 Ways to Learn Korean Quickly

Singapore Korean Lessons

Learning the Korean language, as with many other languages, can be challenging. You will need to be patient, disciplined, and dedicated to learning it while also adopting practices to steadily improve over time. This is where we can help you.

Below, we have shortlisted eight ways you can learn the language faster so you can be proficient in the Korean language!

  1. Phrase-Books Can Help, But Not Much

Usually, phrasebooks consist of words that are not normally used in the daily lives of the Korean people. If you have had a chance to buy a phrase-book for any language, you may know what I mean. Secondly, the translations given below the phrases can be inaccurate too. The best way to use phrase-book is to expand your vocabulary on words that are seldom used in common phrases.

  1. Make Use of Flashcards

As we all know of the old saying that practice makes one perfect. This is entirely true. So, if you want to learn a little something, each day, make use of the flashcards.

  1. Use the Language on a Daily Basis

Try to use the language in your daily life, wherever and whenever you can. Be creative. Some ways to incorporate Korean in your daily lives are listed below;

  • Talk in Korean while commuting to work. You may come across a lot of Korean people while travelling to and from work in Singapore. It’s a good way to create new connections with other Korean-speaking people that can help you improve your fluency in the language.
  • Try to translate common phrases and sentences in Korean. Things like ordering your food or shopping for items can be good opportunities for you to try translating them to the Korean language.
  1. K-Pop is Your Savior

Korean music is appreciated all around the world. So, why don’t you indulge yourself in K-pop, and learn the song and translate its meaning yourself?

  1. Enrol in a Korean Language Course

One of the best and easiest ways to learn Korean is to enrol in Singapore Korean lessons. There are many professional language centres in Singapore. Find one nearest to your home. A qualified and well-trained Korean language tutor can be immensely helpful for you to learn the language.

  1. Use What You Learn

If you really want to learn Korean in a short period of time, then you must make use of the words you learn each day. Keep a notepad with you and every time you communicate in Korean, open up the book and see if you can find a suitable word to go with the current conversation. Slowly incorporating Korean into your daily conversation can be useful for you to memorise certain words and phrases.

  1. Make Studying Fun

Learning will become easier if you make it fun rather than a burden. Don’t keep your focus only on the vocab and grammar. Mix things up and make it interesting so that you stay motivated. Read as many books in Korean as you can, read comic books, watch movies, listen to music and talk to the native Korean speakers. Learning will come quicker if you practice a lot. Write more, read more and listen more.

  1. Break the Words Down

Finally, you need to break down the words into segments to make it easier for you to learn. When learning a new language, it is always best to break the words into smaller words so that you learn quicker.

Korean is a beneficial and enjoyable language to learn. Join Singapore Korean classes as soon as you can and indulge in the world of Korean culture and history.

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