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Get to know more about Korean food, people and its culture

Get to know more about Korean food, people and it’s culture


Korean Culture

Korean pop or K-pop is already present in the 1990s, however, it gained its popularity among teenagers in the start of the 21st century. K-pop influenced people around the world and it made people want to learn more about the Korean culture. Some people are mesmerized on how they look – with their smooth skin and their fashion. Some wanted to learn their language in Good Korean Language School in Singapore– so they would be able to understand what their idols are saying during an interview, or in their music. There are also people who are not interested in their music, but is interested in Koreans – especially on how they maintain their youthful looks despite their age. But for some – especially those who like food are satisfied with it’s food culture.

Korean Food

Korean food, for some looks appetizing – especially on how they prepare their food. The Food Culture is very rich – you would notice that every time a Korean prepares their food – it is very colorful. This is based on their beliefs of the balance of each food they eat. They also love spicy food – like Kimchi, their appetizer. For people who are “first timers” might not want to eat their food, but if you are used to it, you will be looking for it from time to time, you might even do one at home yourself. Other people who are into food blogging, or just food tasting also look into Korean Food. Digging into thei culture helps people know and understand their culture.

Korean Language

People who are K-pop fanatics, or Korean food lovers, are also fan of their language. Whether they want to sing their favorite Korean music without any mistakes, or speak Korean language fluently. K-pop fans learn the language from listening to music or by watching their shows – however this is not enough. Some people also choose to attend some Korean Classes Singapore.


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