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Find The Learning Difference Between Korean Language and Chinese Language.

Find The Learning Difference Between Korean Language and Chinese Language.


The Chinese language is known to be spoken by the majority of citizens in Singapore. As of today, the interest of people to pick up a new language such as Korean arises, many and many more people are into this language learning for some reasons, business or personal use. But joining a Korean Language School in Singapore may be a little different when you are learning Mandarin in a Chinese language School.

The Difference in Grammar

It is said that learning Chinese grammar is much easier than learning grammar in Korean if you are from an English standpoint. Grammar in Chinese is almost similar to the simple English grammar with subject-verb-noun composition. While in Korean, the grammar is entirely different and is also an inverted model of the English grammar like the Japanese. Chinese also has fewer conjugations and exceptions to established grammatical rules. Korean is like Japanese with subtle differences in conjugations based on honorific levels. Both languages have strict practices in their grammar which shows the level of respect the speaker has towards the other party.

The Difference in Speech

Speaking in Chinese is different than speaking in Korean mainly because of the use of tones and intonations. The Chinese language relies heavily on tones when speaking; the same word can mean another if spoken in another tone. The Korean language has no tones so it’s a tad easier than Chinese.

The Difference in Written Language

In Korean lessons Singapore, writing in Korean is so much different and so much easier than writing or reading in the Chinese language. There are thousands of characters in Chinese language one needs to be familiarised with before effectively reading or writing a text. Korean is much easier because it uses the same principle as the English alphabets – letters make up words. Hangul or the Korean alphabet has individual letters used to compose words and syllables, unlike the Chinese language which is character-based.



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