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Four Apps to Enable Easier Language Learning

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Whatever language you are learning, supplementing yourself with more resources apart from relying on your formal language course is always a better idea. Notes, books, magazines, educational videos are only some of the reliable sources to gain a better understanding and learning of a particular language. With the rise in people wanting to learn a new language, many resources for on the go learners are already available for download. These are called applications or apps that specifically caters to learning a new language.

Apps are very helpful to enable easier language learning especially for those that lean on the more complex side like Japanese, Chinese, or Korean. Aside from taking advantage of everyday lectures in Korean language schools in Singapore, people love supplementing their learning with applications to gain more knowledge.

Check these apps below!

Duolingo seems to be the most popular language learning app out there. It has a bright, clever, and intuitive interface. It also shows your progress so you can track how you are doing. Duolingo helps you by allowing you to start with simple, easy phrases while gradually increasing difficulty. Aside from that, the app also provides an explanation whenever you commit a mistake as part of the learning process. It also helps you in identifying your weaknesses, so you will know where you should focus more while reviewing or doing your self-study session.

A new approach to learning language easier is through the use of flashcards. A graphic material is a lot easier to be remembered and be retained in one’s memory. Visual aids are more helpful to help a person learn more and retain more information in the brain. Aside from that, one thing good about Memrise is that it can be available offline depending on the membership that you have. If you have any difficulties, you could always ask your teacher from your Korean language courses.

HelloTalk is probably one of the most innovative apps for language learning out there. It helps you get connected with people who are traditional speakers of the language that you want to learn. Remember, the easiest way for you to get a grasp of the language that you want to learn is by associating yourself with people who use the dialect directly. Speaking with people who speak the language that you want to learn contributes better to retaining knowledge and skills for communication. HelloTalk enables you to select varying degrees of difficulty on how you want your stranger to talk to you.

Not feeling the idea of speaking to a stranger? The Beelinguapp got you! It allows you to learn through the use of stories via audiobooks that are available for download. Creative ways to learn a new language boosts the brain’s ability to retain memory. The Beelinguapp is popular since it offers entertainment while letting you learn more about the language you are aiming to master. It is a two-in-one app that is very efficient and helpful especially for beginners. Although, it’s not as effective as korean classes, it’s still a good way for extra revision.

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