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July 2018

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If you have got some free time in your hands, why not look for a new hobby or do something that you’ve always wanted to do? Make yourself productive by engaging in activities that will make you grow as a person. One activity that will never fail you is learning a new language. There are a lot of options for learning a new language out there and you might want to pick something that interests you a lot. The Korean fever has swept not only the countries in Asia, but the

Whatever language you are learning, supplementing yourself with more resources apart from relying on your formal language course is always a better idea. Notes, books, magazines, educational videos are only some of the reliable sources to gain a better understanding and learning of a particular language. With the rise in people wanting to learn a new language, many resources for on the go learners are already available for download. These are called applications or apps that specifically caters to learning a new language. Apps are very helpful to enable easier language

There are many languages that can be learned in the world, but did you know that they are considering Korean to be one of the best-written languages out there? Many people are very intrigued into learning Korean because of the rich culture and history behind the language. The Korean language is a mixture of various distinct dialects, and it belongs to the Altaic family. The Korean language is one of the most interesting dialects to be learned. Many Korean language courses in Singapore offers basic learning to the most advanced. In

The rise of South Korea and the popularity of K-dramas and K-pop have no doubt piqued your interest to learn that unique language. But, as hard as you may think learning Korean is, it's actually not that difficult. In fact, you can take a basic Korean course in Singapore, do some self-learning, and in six months to one year, you'll probably be fluent in Korean. According to Chris Lonsdale, a TED talk speaker who became fluent in Mandarin within six months, here are five principles that anyone who wants to learn

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