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6 Reasons Why Learning Korean Can Be a Breeze

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If you live in Singapore then you must have come across people learning the Korean language, which might have kept you wondering, isn’t Korean a difficult language to learn? Honestly speaking, no, learning Korean is no rocket science. All you need to do is put a little time aside and try all your will to learn the language. Dedication from your end is important.

Let’s see why the language is not as tough as it seems.

1. The Alphabets Are Easy to Learn

Unlike the Chinese language (where it takes ages to grasp the alphabets), the Korean language is fairly simple to learn. The maximum time you need to learn all the alphabets is about 2 hours. Although, at this point, I must add that some Korean newspaper makes use of the Chinese characters too. Even so, the Korean Hangeul or better known as the Korean alphabets is quite simple to learn.

2. The Grammar is Easy Too

Unlike the English language, where there are gender issues, the Korean language is fairly simple as all the genders are represented in the same way. The past, progressive and future verb tenses are also easy to learn. Most of the times, it requires you attaching one of the many appropriate endings to the word. A little dedication from your end, and you are good to go.

3. Korean Phonetics is Easy for Native English people

Did you know that most of the Korean language is written and pronounced the same way? However, there’s an exception and that is like almost all other languages, the Korean omits sounds when in combination with others. Having said that, don’t worry, the basic phonetic changes are simple to adjust to. A little practice is all you need.

4. Most Words Are a Combination of Single-Syllable words

This is the reason why learning the language is easy. Many complex words are just a mixture of small single syllable and guessing its meaning is quite simple too.

5. Ample Resources to Learn From

You can come across so many good resources to learn the language. Did you know it is one of the most popular languages to learn all over the world?

6. Reverent Forms and Honorifics Aren’t Problematic

As mentioned earlier, all you need to do is add or drop -요 (or -야 if you want to be casual) before you end a sentence. However, this also depends on who you are referring to. Remember, honorifics follow a straightforward pattern. I must add again, you need to practice a couple of times.

If you are planning to learn the language but are hesitant to continue, I must say that give it try. Learning any new language takes time, and you must not lose your patience. If learning Korean is your passion, then there’s no stopping you. Look for a Korean language school in Singapore and give it a try. I am sure, after a few months’ time, you will be using the language freely.

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