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Learn About These Interesting Facts about Korean Schools

Korean Classes in Singapore

The schools in Korea follows some interesting rules and have unique practices not found in schools anywhere else, which you can find out here in this article!

Every country in the world follows a different culture and Korea is no different than them. If you’re interested to learn the language in Korean classes in Singapore, then you should learn more about their culture.

This article will reveal ten interesting facts about the schools in Korea.

1.  Did you know that all the elementary schools in Korea follow the same textbook for learning? It’s like a national curriculum that they follow there. Moreover, the lessons are taught at the same time in every school.

2. Secondly, the lunch that is given to the students in the schools there is tasty and healthy. They are against giving microwavable foods to their students.

3. Did you know that the Korean teachers carry a toothbrush with them to school? This is because they like brushing their teeth after lunch as foods like fish and garlic will actually cause a bad smell in the mouth, which they don’t like. This is an excellent habit as cleanliness is encouraged among the students as well.

4. The schools in Korean do not have a toilet roll in the bathroom, but in the classrooms instead and the students must tear the amount of paper they need before they go to the bathroom. This is also true for the bathroom for the teachers, and most teachers or schools encourage the teachers to bring their own toilet rolls for using.

5. In another part of the world, there are special schools for the students with disabilities, but the Korean schools do not discriminate. The students with a disability will be admitted to regular schools, which is actually an excellent thing.

6. Koreans are particular about allergies, and that is they ensure that certain foods are not served. They usually adhere to a healthy diet and eating deeply-fried or microwavable food is still not practised there.

7. The schools in Korea encourage its students to clean the school ground themselves, each morning before school starts. Although they do have janitors there too, cleaning the trash is usually done by the students.

8. We all are aware of the Asian culture when it comes to removing shoes outside the home and changing into home slippers. However, in Korea, the schools follow the same tradition; changing into school slippers before entering the classrooms.

9. The teachers and other staff in the school have to undergo an evaluation at the things they do. They receive points and have to give individual exams. The points are assigned according to how they perform at the exams and how many extracurricular activities they attend.

10. Finally, the teachers have to change schools every five years, and this is mandatory. After completing their five years, the school staff undergoes a lottery system and have to change schools. This is important as each teacher is allowed to teach in a different environment, helping them gain more experience teaching in different schools.

The Korean culture is actually quite interesting to know, and what’s more amazing is its language. So, if you are interested in learning the language, enrol in Singapore Korean classes today!

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