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5 Tips To Learn The Korean Language Easily

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In 2015, the Korean population in Singapore was 19,450 and since then it has been increasing at a healthy rate of 10%. So, it is natural that the chances of meeting a Korean-speaking person in Singapore are quite high.

If you want to communicate fluently with your Korean counterparts then it’s important to learn the language. Moreover, learning popular foreign languages like Korean will come in handy while dealing with business associates, colleagues, classmates, and travellers.

While attending Korean classes in Singapore is by far the most effective way of learning this popular language, you can always use these 5 amazing tips that we have compiled together in this article.

Learning the Hangul

Ask the best tutors in Singapore and the first advice that you would receive is to master the Korean alphabet Hangul. This primitive alphabet system comprises of 14 consonants and 10 vowels. If you wish to speak Korean then you need to first start reading Korean, which can be accomplished only when you master the Hangul.

Using the Roman alphabet isn’t a very good idea if you want to learn the Korean language in its truest form. Mastering the Hangul reduces the pronunciation mistakes because you can read Korean properly. Thus, all the Korean classes in Singaporeemphasizes the importance of mastering the Hangul.

Using Flashcards

Don’t dismiss the flashcards as middle school stuff because the visual association is the most effective way to memorizing letters and words. Irrespective of whether you’re attending Korean classes in Singapore or not, flashcards are not only appealing visually but they are also an excellent way of learning new words every day.

Not to mention, creating your own flashcards is easy as all you need to do is write a Korean word on one side, with the translation on the other.

To make it even more aesthetic-looking, you can even use flashcards of different colours! Go ahead and be creative with your decorations because the decision lies with you, so make them as striking as possible and get all those words memorized in your head

Practice speaking with your Korean friends

If you really want to learn Korean the “Korean way” then encourage your Korean friends, colleagues and business associates to speak in their native tongue. Korean classes in Singaporeteach you the basics but at the end of the day, it’s up to you to understand the finer nuances by conversing with your Korean friends and colleagues.

You can even choose to join language exchange communities in Singapore to get the first-hand experience in speaking one of the oldest languages in the world.

Watch Korean Sitcoms

Korean classes in Singapore help you with the pronunciation, reading, and writing. However, if you wish to really learn the Korean slangs and also the right native tone then get hooked to some of the most popular Korean sitcoms!

Yes, the Korean TV programs can be a great way to gain some useful insights into the language and Korean culture. All these would eventually help you in learning this beautiful language quickly.

Listen to Korean Music and focus on the words

Well, music is not just food for your soul but it will also help you with learning the language. The Korean language is not tough and once you’re able to grasp the basics, you’ll also start understanding and appreciating their music.

As you are listening to any song, focus on certain words and phrases to understand the lyrics better. By doing so, you don’t just get to be fully immersed in the music but you even get the idea of what the artist is singing.

By keeping the above tips in mind, you will surely be on your way to becoming a pro in the Korean language and you can expect to speak the language fluently in time to come.

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