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6 Efficient Hangul Tips to Learn Korean in Singapore

6 Efficient Hangul Tips to Learn Korean in Singapore


Learning Korean language in Singapore is no longer a rare case scenario nowadays. Ever since its culture became a global phenomenon, a lot of people are already showing interest to learn this language. Before it took over the world at 2010, the Korean Wave or Hallyu started on its neighboring countries first– including Singapore. This rapidly growing fan base became the reason why there are a lot of demand learning this language in Singapore.


Language learning is indeed difficult, especially when learning new languages is not your forte. However, nothing is impossible if you are passionate enough about your studies. Luckily, we’ve gathered 6 efficient tips that can help you learn Korean in Singapore with ease and quickly (fingers crossed).


  1. Learn Hangul Alphabet First

The easiest way to start, is to learn the Korean alphabet. There are two ways to read in Korean; one is to read the Korean characters, and the other is to rely on Korean romanization.


Although the romanization looks easier than learning Hangul, in reality, Hangul is easier. Romanization is also not the most effective and recommended by experts. There are some words written in Hangul that cannot be correctly translated to romanized Korean. As a result, you tend to get confused with the meaning of those words.


  1. Avoid Phrasebooks and Textbooks

These authored books are usually hard to digest, and not everyone finds it sufficient. There are also a lot of items in these books that Koreans don’t commonly use, and some are already outdated. The words in these books are also literally translated and can often be misunderstood once used in conversations.


  1. Explore by breaking down words

If you find it difficult to remember some words, try breaking them down into components, and you’ll be amazed that these words were just made up of a bunch of easier words. With this, you can easily recognize and understand the meaning of different words.


  1. Practice daily

Practice makes perfect. Learning this language in Singapore is indeed challenging because the locals are not Korean speakers. However, this should not stop you from practicing. Befriending a native speaker friend whom you can converse daily will greatly help in the learning process.


  1. Listen to Songs and Jot Down some Vocabulary Words

One thing that’s included in some of the Korean courses that Singapore has is K-Pop appreciation. This is an excellent technique to familiarize some words easily because most of these songs use common words in its lyrics. It is also a lot of fun learning Korean through its music.


  1. Track your progress

This will help you set and achieve your goal through the entire learning process. Aside from monitoring how far you’ve been, you also attain some bragging rights. After all, learning Korean language is not just a piece of cake.




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