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How to Learn Korean Language and Hangul in Singapore

How to Learn Korean Language and Hangul in Singapore


Learning a new language is not always a simple task for many people. Especially if you are working or in a busy location like in Singapore. Time flies as fast as the bullet trains go in one place to another so you won’t really have the luxury of taking a laid-back approach to studying a language like the Korean language. But fortunately, there are some easy ways that you can learn Korean in Singapore or anywhere in the globe.

Hangul Everywhere

Studying another alphabet takes a lot of time and effort so people tend to study words of a foreign language using Romanized words. That is effective if you are just trying to learn a few words but if you want to be able to read and write the proper way, getting a good grasp of Hangul is a better way. You can print a PDF alphabet guide and take it anywhere you go as you study or save in on your phone for a more convenient experience.

Enroll into a Korean Language Class

If you have the time, it is always a good way to get yourself some formal learning with private or group classes. With this, you are not only learning by theories and mimicry, but you are gaining experience using the language. You can interact with other students or instructors and practice the language all the time.

Always Look at the Fun Side

It is important that whatever you do, you should have fun with it, if not you’ll get tired and bored of doing it. Also true in studying, learning something has its ups and downs but you need to travel through with it if you want to master it. Fortunately, there are ways to have fun while learning this language. K-Pop is popular culture. You can watch Koreanovelas or listen to fun songs to be familiar with the language.


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