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February 2019

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Learning Korean can’t guarantee you the man or woman of your dreams. However, attending these Korean language classes can definitely give you an edge over other suitors and help you impress the love of your life. If you go weak in your knees or skip a heartbeat when you see your Korean colleague or friend then one thing is for sure – you’re in love! Oh yes, it’s really a beautiful feeling to be in love and in case you’ve managed to arrange for a dinner date with your Korean partner

Most people would say that learning Korean slangs is one of the best ways to actually mastering the language itself. Well, in a way, that is indeed true as the biggest advantage of learning Korean slangs is that it helps you learn the language in its most rustic and native form. Speaking a language like a native takes a little more effort than just joining a Korean language school in Singapore. Slangs don’t really follow the way a language actually works but they find an important place in daily conversations. Youngsters, in

The popularity of the Korean language has increased exponentially over the last five years, and it has left behind French, Chinese, and Japanese far behind. Now, the rising popularity can be judged by simply looking at the number of language schools offering Korean classes in Singapore. The growing popularity of the Korean language is often attributed to the rising Korean population in Singapore as well as the ease in learning Korean. If you’re not ready to invest a lot of money in attending a Korean language school in Singapore, then there

In 2015, the Korean population in Singapore was 19,450 and since then it has been increasing at a healthy rate of 10%. So, it is natural that the chances of meeting a Korean-speaking person in Singapore are quite high. If you want to communicate fluently with your Korean counterparts then it’s important to learn the language. Moreover, learning popular foreign languages like Korean will come in handy while dealing with business associates, colleagues, classmates, and travellers. While attending Korean classes in Singapore is by far the most effective way of learning this

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