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The Three Best Asian Languages To Learn

Who are we kidding? Learning a new language isn’t easy. However, it’s also very beneficial. The world is going global and knowing how to speak a foreign language is a massive advantage. Asia’s economies can only continue to grow, so it is good to learn an Asian language, especially from some of its top performers.

Below, you’ll find the three best Asian languages for you to learn, and the reason why they’re worth learning.

1.    Chinese

For native English speakers, Chinese is actually not that difficult of a language to learn. They actually have a lot of similarities. For example, the grammar of both languages is very simple and rather straightforward, and there are relatively few exceptions to these rules.

Of course, the characters can feel totally different, but once you start learning the basics, the rest becomes a whole lot easier.

As for why Chinese is worth learning, China is a superpower and will only get bigger. The country’s economy is showing no signs of slowing down and with its trade ties with the West only going to get stronger in the years to come, learning Chinese can give you a significant advantage in your career.

Just try not to get too intimidated once you start learning Chinese. The tonal aspect can be extremely difficult to get right – different intonations have different meanings for the same “words” in Chinese – and you may have to learn thousands of characters to be able to read in Chinese properly.

But, if you persevere, learning the Chinese language opens up a lot of doors to you, both in terms of your career and in terms of personal relationships.

2.    Japanese

Unlike Chinese, which is considered easier to learn, Japanese is actually one of the hardest Asian languages to learn.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to learn the language, however. The truth is, Japanese is one of the most worthwhile languages to learn. And, if you’re a huge video game buff, learning Japanese is an extremely useful skill because you can get to understand (and play) all of the exclusive games that are released only in Japanese.

Career-wise, knowing how to speak Japanese also comes in handy, especially in the technological industry.

3.    Korean

The first thing you’ll notice when enrolled in Korean language courses is that the language isn’t as difficult to learn as it sounds.

In fact, because the language is also written in its own alphabet, you can become fluent in Korean without even having to learn any Chinese characters.

Economically, South Korea is on the way up and is already considered a major player in the world’s economy as it is. While the country may not be as prominent as Japan and China, it could be on the way there, which means that you’ll get a significant advantage if you get a head start and start enrolling in Korean courses in Singapore today.

Regardless of which of these three Asian languages you choose to learn, it is recommended that you enrol yourself to a proper class that’s conducted by an accredited and professional native speaker of the language.

While you can technically get away with not enrolling in Japanese, Chinese, or Korean language school Singapore, you won’t be as fluent in the language as you would have been if you had formal education in it.

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