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Easy Ways to Teach Kids the Korean Language

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Teaching kids a new language is relatively easy because their minds are still young and developing. Their ability to grasp and put to memory new words outstrips that of many adults. Anyone who is new to the Korean language might think that it is difficult to learn, but the truth is that there are ways to simplify it, especially for children. If you want your kids to learn Korean in Singapore, it is totally possible.

Korean is radically different from English, and this can create confusion as to where to start and the approach to use. This applies to both new learners and people who are seeking to attain higher levels of fluency. This is no reason to despair. With these few effective techniques, it is possible to help your kids learn the Korean language with ease.

  1. Let Them Become Familiar with the Korean Alphabet

Learning the Korean language begins with the Korean Alphabet, known as Hangul. It is significantly different from other scripts, and seeing could make you assume that it is just a bunch of characters with no meaning. Some believe that the language is impenetrable because of the characters. This notion can make many learners give up before they even start learning.

Other people associate the Korean alphabet with the Chinese one. However, they are totally different. Korean is much easier to learn, especially when compared to Chinese. When Hangul was invented, it was meant to make the learning process as easy as possible for everyone. The Korean language is one of the easiest scripts you can learn. It contains only twenty-four letters and does not take long to learn. Once your child has mastered the characters, it is easy to attach meaning to different words.

It is also essential to note that the Korean alphabet is phonetic, meaning that there are no hidden sounds or pronunciations. What you see is what you read.

  1. Help Them Build Words with Similarities

Most Korean letters are alphabets grouped in blocks to create words. It will be easy for your child if they can understand each word and draw similarities with words from other languages.

  • Words that are purely Korean
  • Words based on English
  • Words borrowed from Chinese characters

Learning based on words from a language they are familiar with will help them with Korean words. In so doing, the child can quickly guess the meaning of these Korean words. Once they have learned one word, they will easily have access to other phrases and words that build upon the base word.

  1. Pronouncing Words Without Tones

When learning Korean, your child will start with reading Hangeul characters, and then eventually learn how to pronounce them. Pronunciation can be a little awkward in the beginning, but it is easier than with other languages. Each Korean word has a different meaning, but the pronunciation is always the same.


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