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Myths About Korean Language Learning

Myths About Korean Language Learning


So many things have been said about the Korean language being one of the most difficult languages to learn in the world. This is probably because most people just give up early on for lack of passion and enthusiasm. This is particularly the case in non-Korean speaking countries like Singapore. However, I believe that the three myths mentioned below are the reasons why Singaporeans consider Korean learning in Singapore a difficult undertaking.


Myth #1: Korean word order is complicated

We have oftentimes thought that writing the Korean language is done backward. As most of us are so familiar with the English word order which is S-V-O (subject-verb-object), applying the Korean pattern S-O-V (subject-object-verb) is something that is not easy to do.

But honestly, what really makes it difficult is the fact that we tend to think in English every time we try to say a sentence or two in Korean, which can only make it more confusing. So, if you want to learn the language quickly and easily, stop thinking in English and start thinking in Korean!


Myth #2: Korean grammar is complex

This is so untrue! In fact, Korean is one of the languages that has the easiest grammar. For one thing, the noun forms do not really change at all. They only do when case markers are attached at the end of the word so that it can mean another thing. The same thing goes with the verb forms where suffixes are used to change the tenses.

All in all, the patterns may have few irregularities, but once you get the hang of it, you can start using them with ease.


Myth #3: Korean materials are limited

There is certainly no truth to this. A wide array of resources for learning the language can be accessed online or offline for free or for a minimal cost. What is more, useful materials, as well as comprehensive courses and lessons have proliferated everywhere and are offered here and there to aid in the course of the study. For instance, Korean courses in Singapore is quite popular recently. Indeed, learning the Korean language is already possible with just a click away.

Overall, it is just a matter of mind-set. If you think that Learn Korean in Singapore is difficult and complicated, then it will really be that. However, if you just allow yourself to embrace it and later on enjoy learning the language, then you will come out victorious. By staying positive and focusing on the facts and not the myths, you will certainly be able to learn the Korean language naturally.





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