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Learn the Korean Language with Korean Explorer

Korean Language

Learning more than one language is known to be beneficial in many aspects. When kids learn multi languages, their brain and thinking skills are developed better. Apart from being a mode of communication, people learn new languages as hobbies to fill their free time.

Commonly learnt new language is the English Language due to its importance the modern day lingua franca. The lesser known fact is that many people are learning the Korean language as well. The fascination with the history of the country and the admiration towards the culture of the country has prompted many people to learn the Korean language.

While it may seem to learn Korean in Singapore, it is in fact not difficult at all. It is very easy as we, at Korean Explorer are here to help you learn Korean in Singapore.

About us

We are one of the highly sought after  good Korean language school in Singapore. We are highly professional and provide excellent service to those who want to learn Korean in Singapore. We provide basic Korean course and Intermediate Korean Course.

Our teachers who conduct the Korean language classes are highly skilled and talented. They are native Korean speakers who are well-aware of the nuances of the language. The lessons are conducted in a fun manner loaded with activities built around the popular K-pop and K-drama entertainment, especially in group classes.

We provide two types of classes for those wanting to learn Korean in Singapore which are group classes and private classes. The students will be separated according to their learning needs. We are well-aware that people learn languages differently. Hence, we provide the best environment for them to learn Korean in Singapore.

Client Testimonials

‘Thank you, Korean Explorer and my teacher; it has been a truly motivational experience learning Korean from her. All the class students like and respect her professionalism and the way in which she’s inspired us learning this language. Now I am taking Korean as one of my subjects in school so with this extra help from class; I am sure I can attain a higher level of speaking and reading skills’- Lydia Hanley.

Choose us!

As one of the best places to learn Korean in Singapore, we are ever ready to help you achieve your goal.

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