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May 2017

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Korean Language Learning more than one language is known to be beneficial in many aspects. When kids learn multi languages, their brain and thinking skills are developed better. Apart from being a mode of communication, people learn new languages as hobbies to fill their free time. Commonly learnt new language is the English Language due to its importance the modern day lingua franca. The lesser known fact is that many people are learning the Korean language as well. The fascination with the history of the country and the admiration towards the culture

Learn Korean Before Enjoying The Nightlife In Seoul | SkillsFuture Korean Class When you visit Korea, where do you want to go or try first? Their nightlife of course, especially in Seoul where night is always young, thus giving you the opportunity of meeting a lot of locals and other nationalities, and tasting their different available alcohol. In Seoul, they never limit what their visitors can experience; they want massive fun, experience and excitement, getting drunk is definitely not an issue, as long as you know how to carry yourself and

Best Korean Dishes for Anyone Looking to Discover the Culture The entire culture of Korea is rich and very interesting. Individuals who are interested in the culture often proceed to learning Korean language, or tasting their Korean food. We have obtained WSQ approval for skillsfuture korean language courses course. Are you an experimental eater and fan of Korean culture? There are several dishes you might want to try. First on the list is Kimchi. This dish is made of vegetables that are fermented and combined with a variety of ingredients. This is

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