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How Long It Would Take To Perfect Your Korean Language

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“How long will it take to learn Korean?”

That is one of the first questions asked by anyone interested in learning Korean. Unfortunately, there’s no right or wrong answer for it. Some can learn in six months while others may take years. It all depends on a number of factors, from how you learn the language, your motivation, and even your particular learning style as an individual.

Here are the many different factors that impact how quickly you learn the Korean language when taking korean courses in singapore.

Are You Bilingual or Multilingual?

As proven by several linguistic studies, bilingual and multilingual individuals find it easier to learn another language. This is because of their previous exposure to different languages, as fluency and skills in learning one language can carry over and be applied to other languages.

Even having learned another language for another year helps, because your mind is already prepared to expect all the different sounds and letters associated with learning a new language, leaving very few services and making language learning easier and faster for you.

The Language You Are Trying to Learn

Korean is one of the most difficult languages to learn for English speakers. However, if you already know how to speak Mandarin or Japanese, then you’ll feel more at ease after enrolling in a Korean course in Singapore.

It’s not all doom and gloom for English speakers, though. There are words known as “Konglish” that are easier to learn because they are essentially adopted English words.

How You Are Learning

If you’re taking Korean language lessons in Singapore, then that’s good. But, you shouldn’t limit your language learning to a classroom setting.

Immerse yourself in the language as much as you can. This is the best way if you want to learn to read, write, and speak Korean as quickly as possible. Doing things such as reading eBooks or listening to podcasts, and even watching Korean movies, as well as having conversations in Korean can speed up the language learning process.

Your Motivation

Staying motivated is key to learning anything new. So many studies have proven that the reason why you are learning or doing something, in general, is extremely important. If you are very motivated to learn a new language, then you most likely will learn it at a much faster rate compared to others who are not as motivated.

For example, if you’re living and working in Korea, then you have more motivation – in addition to first-hand exposure to the language – to learn Korean, meaning that you’ll likely learn it at a much faster pace.

These four factors, among others, all play an important role in the language learning process. If you’re motivated, immersing yourself in the language and bilingual, then you should be able to learn the language much faster compared to others.


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