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How Long Does it Take to Learn the Korean Language

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“How long will I take to speak it fluently?” This is a common question in most Korean language classes all over the world. However, the question is hard to answer since the time needed to learn Korean varies from one person to another. Fast learners will take a few months while slow learners can take a year or two to speak the language fluently. How fast a person takes to master Korean courses in Singapore depends on a variety of factors.

Previous Experience in Learning a New Language

Studies show that bilingual speakers are more likely to learn Korean faster compared to their monolingual counterparts. Anyone who has learnt a new language before knows the best way to approach another language. This is different from someone who has just been exposed to the idea of learning a second language, since they need more time to learn all basic essentials before they can attempt to become even more proficient at the language.

Personal Motivation and Attitude

This is the biggest factor to how long it takes to master a language. Many language learners will start their language-learning journey on a high note, only for them to lose focus along the way. You can use different ways to stay motivated such as listening to K-pop music, interacting with native speakers, and incorporating some fun activities to your language learning. Approaching your language classes with enthusiasm will also go a great way in reducing the length of time that you will use trying to learn a new language.

Time Invested in Learning Korean Language

You are set for a long and arduous journey in a Korean language school in Singapore if you are only relying on the lessons taught in the classroom. Studies show that students who spent a significant amount of time in practicing the language with a friend, listening to podcasts and watching videos are more likely to learn the language within a shorter period of time. Therefore, you should consider spending a 1-2 hours daily trying to practice the language on your own for maximum benefit.

Your Location

You are highly likely to speak the language faster if you are living in South Korea or any Korean-speaking neighborhood. Relying on the language to perform important everyday functions such as ordering food in a restaurant or requesting a taxi is enough motivation to make you learn the language as quickly as possible. Interactions with native speakers on a daily basis will also increase the speed in which you learn a new language.

Mastering the Korean language is not difficult as many will make you believe. Thousands of people have taken Korean language lessons in Singapore, and most of them have gained fluency in the language after several months of study. Therefore, you should not give up learning the language even if you do not see any real improvement after few weeks of study.

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