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What It Takes For A Singaporean To Learn The Korean Language

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The popularity of Korean language is on the rise in Singapore and people are going as far as joining a Korean language school in Singapore.

The reason behind learning Korean varies from person to person but one of the major reasons is that its an easy language to learn. After your first few lessons, you will come to realise that the Korean alphabet, Hangul, is extremely easy to learn and dedicating 4 hours in a week suffices.

However, speaking Korean like an actual native will have to take a little more effort.

Why More And More Singaporeans Are Trying To Learn Korean

  • In the last 10 years, there has been a rise in the Korean population. So naturally, it would mean that interacting with Koreans have also increased and there’s really no better way of smoother communication than to learn their language.
  • Hangul, the Korean alphabet, is easier compared to French or Chinese so people interested in learning foreign languages usually opt for Korean.
  • Pronunciation of Korean words is extremely scientific so there’s not much deviation when it comes to writing and speaking.
  • There’s no change in verb forms in accordance with the singular or plural subject.

Tips For Learning Korean Efficiently

Students usually complain about the lack of time while learning Korean. And it’s really pretty normal, considering the fact that you are probably juggling between your education or job as you are picking up the language at the same time.

While the language may seem rather simple to learn, it’s quite evident that you’ll need to put in much more effort as you are attending the Korean classes in Singapore. So, let us move on and note down some of the steps you’ll have to learn in order to speak like a real native.

1. Start Enhancing Your Vocabulary

Regardless of the institution or school, you are taking lessons at, you will definitely be told about the importance of learning new Korean words every day.

In other words, it means that it’s imperative that you too start enhancing your vocabulary by collecting new words, writing them down and memorizing them. One great way of memorizing new words is to write them on flashcards and practice speaking the word while speaking with your Korean friends and colleagues.

2. Learning The Essential And Frequently Used Verbs

Verbs and their forms take a very important place in any language and the Korean language is not any different. You will need to learn the commonly used verbs and their forms rather diligently. The context and intonation of the verbs should be extremely clear so that you understand where and how to use them.

3. Dedication

Like any other task, learning the Korean language demands dedication. You need to understand that Korean isn’t your mother tongue so it requires a certain amount of perseverance and dedication to learning it.

You can’t learn a language on the fly and neither is it an overnight job, so prior to joining Korean classes, you’ll have to determine whether you have got the necessary time and resources.

Try to find out whether you’re cut out for the task or not. If you really want to speak Korean like a native then you’ve to put your best foot forward.

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