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What is the TOPIK Test and What is it For?

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TOPIK, officially the Korean Language Proficiency Test, is a test administered by the Korean Institute of Curriculum and Evaluation. After taking a korean course in singapore, you can take the TOPIK to check your proficiency in the language.

Regardless of your level, the test is the same for everyone. Grades are ranked from 1-6, with 6 being the highest.

Why You Should Take the TOPIK Test

There are two reasons why you should take the TOPIK test: first, is to determine how good your Korean is and to see if you are at your desired level. Second, it is crucial when applying for a Korean University or residency in Korea.

Korea’s immigration uses a point-based system. This means that those with higher TOPIK scores have a much better chance of securing a long-term visa needed to work, study or live in Korea than those with lower scores.

In case you’re wondering, the TOPIK certificate is not the same as the certificates provided by certain schools after completing a course. Though those certificates could very well be a good measure of your proficiency in the language, they are not recognised throughout Korea.

Only the TOPIK certificate is recognised internationally as proof of your proficiency in Korean.

How to Sign Up

If you are already in Korea, you can register to take the test online. However, if you’re from outside of the country, you will need to ask for help from the Korean embassy. There may be certain institutions in your area that allow you register through them, so you may want to do your research as well.

If your Korean is good enough, you can check out the official TOPIK website for the latest details.

Preparing for the TOPIK Test

The best way to scoring high on the TOPIK test is to enrol yourself in Korean lessons. While it is possible to teach yourself the language, there’s no guarantee that the level of instruction you’re receiving is the same as from official schools or institutions. There’s also very little assurance that what you’re actually learning or teaching yourself is correct. Meanwhile, by taking and passing a Korean class, you’ll have a strong foundation for further learning the language. Taking proper classes will get you started on the right track for a better grasp of the language.

If you’re currently receiving proper instructions in Korean, you most likely will have a good estimate of your performance in the TOPIK exam.

In the months ahead of the exam, it’s important that you practice the basics. This means immersing yourself in Korean, either via books, writing, and other mediums, such as listening to songs, audio books, seminars, TV shows, movies, as well as talking to other people in Korean more often.

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