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Using Songs And Music To Improve Your Understanding Of Korean

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Music is a great way to improve your understanding of any new language. Specifically, songs incorporate many words and phrases used throughout their native culture and daily language. It is easier to pick up sentences through songs and music which when learning any new language. Due to the Internet, is very easy to get access to songs.

Korean songs, or K-Pop as they are colloquially referred to, can be insanely addictive. Even if you do not understand Korean, it is easy to get into the groove just by listening to the catchy tunes. If you are interested in getting a solid grip on the Korean language, here’s how you can improve through the use of song and music:

Groove To The Beat

Due to their addictive hooks and melodies, it is really easy to get stuck on these songs. Once they get stuck in your head, it is hard to get them out. Songs are a great memory aid. With an accompanying melody, lyrics are easier to remember compared to a bunch of words stringed together that drag on and on as what you find in textbooks or magazines.

Songs Are Unique, So Tune In

Also, music is a great tool to learning Korean because each song is usually unique, in that most songs come with a distinct music video and story behind the song. It creates an interesting context for picking up commonly used phrases. In essence, a song is a bunch of Korean vocabulary and phrases held together by a catchy tune. This enables you to pick up and recall words and sentences at a much quicker rate than just trying to learn written Korean from a textbook.

Repeat After Me

Another reason songs and music are great ways of learning Korean is because of the repetitive rhythm of songs. There is a particular reason that you are sometimes unable to get an addictive song out of your head. Songs stay with you, and you remember how they go long after you stop listening to them. Songs are structured in a way that many words, phrases and lyrics are repeated throughout. With an addictive melody attached to them, it supplements your memory and retention skills. It also enables learners to relate words together after repeatedly listening to the same thing.

Start With A Love Song

Love songs tell a story, and they are also slower than other songs, so it is a good idea to start with them if you want to learn Korean as well as you can. It is easier to make sense of the words and learn how to enunciate them. If you start your journey with Korean rap, it will only confuse you further as you may struggle to make out different words.

A great tip to singing your way to Korean proficiency is by singing along. Even when you cannot understand the lyrics properly, keep singing along. Not only will you eventually get the hang of the song, but it will be engrained in your memory, hence you will be able to recall and understand the words better. If you are already taking korean lessons in singapore, using music will be a hugely beneficial supplement to what you learn in the classroom.

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