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Free Apps to Help You Learn Korean Language on The Go

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Looking to learn a language using an app? Technology enables us to work and learn easier. And this includes studying a foreign language. It comes in handy to supplement the knowledge you have already accumulated your Korean classes.

Here are some of the free apps to help you learn Korean (some are compatible with both Android and Apple!).

1. Duolingo

Duolingo is compatible with both Android and Apple phones. It is a simple app, you will be able to learn up to 20 languages inclusive of Korean, with it. The app is very interactive because it uses fun games to improve your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

If you use this app, you will start off by learning basic sentences alongside the verbs and phrases which make up these sentences.

It also has Korean lessons and quizzes which you can do to monitor your progress and competence. Although the app is free, there is a plus option which costs 9.99 USD, a subscription that can be cancelled at will. The advantage of Duolingo is that it eliminates ads.

2. TenguGo Hangul

Similar to Duolingo, TenguGo Hangul is also compatible with both Android and Apple phones. It is an app useful only for beginners because it involves the use of basic concepts. The app functions by illustrating how the Korean alphabet – Hangul should be pronounced. It does this through audio.

Within the app, there are some demonstrations in the form of animations which tell you how you should position your mouth and tongue while speaking.

3. Learn Korean by bravo language

This app is compatible with both android and apple devices as well. The advantage of using this app is it offers practical examples which are easy to learn and master. The content is organized neatly into categories that are easy to navigate, ranging from romance to shopping. The app provides audio clips to boost your pronunciation. There is also an option to either slow down or increase the speed of the audio. This app has both free and paid versions. However, customers can access the paid version by watching ads for about 5 seconds.

How to supplement your classes with these apps

Apps have made life in general, and studies in particular, quite easy. After each Korean class in Singapore, you can use an app to test yourself, or to learn more about the pronunciation of Hangul. However, you shouldn’t only rely on apps to completely learn a language because they may not provide in-depth information to ascertain that you understand Korean well.


To ensure you can hone your proficiency in Korean language, the surest weapon is enrolling in Korean classes, then supplementing and/or refreshing the amount of knowledge you have on what you have already studied. Remember to look out for customer reviews before you try out an app just so that you get the best app for your learning.

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