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Simple Tips When Finding A Language Exchange Buddy Online

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A language exchange buddy is a valuable resource when you’re learning a new language. They not only assist you in your journey to pick up a language, but they also provide natural human interaction that is hard to come by when you’ve enrolled in a formal class. In exchange, you can also help them with their proficiency in another language, say English.

Your language exchange buddy doesn’t necessarily have to be a native speaker of the foreign language you’re trying to learn, but its best to practice with someone who is comfortable and fluent in the language. That said, you can also have a friend who is trying to learn the same language as you are but depending on both of your proficiency, there is a limit on how you can help each other improve.

How To Find A Language Exchange Buddy

Undoubtedly, the easiest way to find an exchange buddy is through your classes. Make friends with your classmates in your Korean classes, for instance. It’ll be a less lonely journey when you have somebody to share the struggle with you.

Otherwise, you can also go to websites and forums such as HelloTalk, to connect with people from all over the world. You’d realise that the communities in these websites are more than willing to help you improve.

Whether you make a language exchange buddy online or otherwise, it’s best to find a partner who can suit your needs perfectly. If you wish someone to assist you at the corporate level, someone who is a novice probably won’t do you much good. Furthermore, you’d want to spend your time efficiently and productively. On that note, here are a few things you may want to keep in mind.

Session Length

First and foremost, you will need to establish how long you want each session to be – assuming that they are willing to provide you supplementary lessons on top of your formal lessons. You’ll have to make sure it’s long enough to get the most output but short enough so that you’d lose focus halfway through.

If a formal lesson is a tad awkward and rigid, you can throw away the idea and just simply be friends. Spend time with each other and engage in conversations in the foreign language. Within the stipulated time, you’d not only learn how to utilise what you know, but you’d also be more comfortable in the language.

Keep in mind the level of proficiency you wish to achieve and figure out whether a supplementary lesson or a casual outing will best suit your needs.

Corrections – Awkward!

The basis of your relationship is to improve your language abilities and vice versa. Thus, there needs to be an understanding that either of you can and will point out errors within your writing or speech. This is especially important if your writing script, for instance, is very different from what you’re already used to.  Case in point, despite learning Hangul in your Korean language school, you may still need your exchange language partner to point out simple mistakes that may have been overlooked.

Thus, it is important that there is honest and open communication.

What If It Isn’t Working Out?

However, what happens if you don’t ‘click’ with your partner, or your desired results have not come to fruition despite the numerous sessions? Although it can be a little awkward, be honest if you believe things aren’t progressing as you hoped.

Not only does this save you time, but it will also allow you and your partner to find someone who suits the two of you better, respectively.


Your exchange language partner can just be one of your best aid when it comes to picking up a new language. Be sure to always strive for an open and honest communication, as friendship isn’t the only thing you wish to gain from this relationship.

In view of the global pandemic and the extension of the circuit breaker measures, we have decided to halt any physical operations and have successfully moved online. We wish to still aid you in your progress to proficiency and fluency, thus, do head down and check out our online Korean courses! Pick up a new skill once this circuit breaker ends, all whilst keeping safe!

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