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Top Three Apps for Beginners to learn Korean

Top Three Apps for Beginners to learn Korean

Hangul (Korean) is one of the most challenging languages to learn for many English speakers. It differs in pronunciation and grammar, making it more difficult for English speakers to master the language. If you live in Singapore but don’t have the luxury to immerse in Korea, you don’t have to worry. Many language institutions can help you learn Korean in Singapore

Singapore offers the best language courses in the world. Many language schools are made accessible to the learners. They have a team of professionals that cater to the needs of their students. They also offer flexible Korean lessons to allow the students to study Korean during their most convenient time. However, if you opt to learn some basics before enrolling in class, here are the top three Korean apps for beginners that can help you learn the basic vocabularies and greetings in Korean:


Learn Korean by Bravo Language

This app contains many practical phrases that you can take advantage for free. It has a variety of categories that will help you in speaking the language. Aside from the categories, it contains vocabulary words that are written in both Korean and English. It also includes an audio clip on how to pronounce these words and phrases in Korean. This app is certainly a travel buddy for many Korean language learners


Pop-Popping Korean

This app is one of the best apps recommended for beginners. Pop-popping Korean is an app that contains clips of the pronunciation of the Korean alphabet. It also helps you on how to pronounce these letters. It includes illustrations of mouth and tongue position when speaking the language. It also contains audio clips that can help you listen and imitate the words that are being said.

The app also has Rhythm Hangul. Rhythm Hangul allows you to create a variety of useful Korean phrases and their pronunciation. This can be used in retention exercises.


Korean Letters Lite

Unlike the first two apps mentioned above, Korean Letter Lite is an app that deals more on the calligraphy of Korean letters. This app is advisable for many learners who are taking Korean classes in Singapore that want to focus more on the writing skill of the language. This app helps students the proper way of writing the letters in Hangul. Aside from that, the app also contains audio clips on the appropriate pronunciation of the phrases, syllables, and vocabulary words.


You don’t have to worry about forgetting what you have learned in your class. With these mobile apps, learning Korean is now made easy. However, if you wish to learn Korean in Singapore at a higher level, it is recommended to take comprehensive Korean classes. Having an instructor can help you learn about how to read and write in Hangul. There is a difference between Korean grammar and English grammar that guidance from a more knowledgeable person or expert will certainly make a difference.



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