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Top Reasons Why Everyone is Learning Korean Today

Top Reasons Why Everyone is Learning Korean Today

Learning Korean can be difficult. The US government recommends at least 2200 hours of study in order to become fully proficient in all aspects of the language. And that is approximately 9 months if you study 8 hours a day. Despite all of this, Korean is still an immensely as a second language globally. In Singapore, Korean courses can be found everywhere. So, here are some reasons why everyone is still interested in learning such a difficult language:

Employment: Speaking a language fluently might get you help secure a job. However, this depends on where you live. If you live in a major city, it is likely that there are companies looking for fluent Korean speakers. But at the very least, having Korean-speaking abilities could make you a more desirable candidate.

Making Friends: There are over 70 million Korean speakers in the world and there are a lot of people who could potentially become your friends. If you have Korean friends then you won’t have to travel alone if you visit Korea and you might even get a place to sleep for free. Having Korean friends means that you’ll be able to experience Korean culture first hand and you might be able to do things that you wouldn’t have been able to do if you were travelling alone.

Dating a Korean: If you are learning Korean simply because you find them attractive, that’s understandable. There are many people who learned Korean, dated a Korean and are now happily married. If that’s your goal, good luck with it and you are definitely going to learn as much Korean as possible.

K-drama and K-Pop: Last but not the least, people are interested in learning the Korean language to watch their favourite dramas or shows. Of course, while you can watch the Korean dramas with subtitles, you might have to wait for weeks, even months, until they are translated. And worse! Sometimes these bootleg subtitles can be totally wrong. Also, English translations can sometimes miss details about the language that is a bit more difficult to translate and many important words lose all of their meaning when translated into the English Language. Nuances of Korean could be lost when translated into its less-than-accurate equivalent in English. If you are a true fan of Korean drama or K-pop, then you really need to learn Korean and the same goes for K-pop too.

So, even though it takes time and effort to learn Korean, it’s definitely worth it, especially if any of the above reasons apply to you. So, if you want a better job, want to make Korean friends or date a Korean, or just really enjoy Korean dramas and K-pop, it is definitely recommended that you start learning Korean.

There are a lot of places offering korean classes in singapore. Many of these institutes use structured and systematic teaching methods that are perfectly suitable for Singaporean students. So, don’t waste time and enrol yourself to learn the Korean Language.

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