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Top 5 Compelling Reasons To Master The Korean Language

If you are wondering whether learning Korean is worth the effort, then this article is for you. Firstly, Korean is the 17th most spoken language in the world and the third most popular language in Asia. It is rapidly gaining popularity not only in Singapore but internationally as well. Learning a foreign language is also known to bring along vital personal, social and cognitive benefits. In addition, the Korean language is actually easy to learn through readily available Korean classes in Singapore. Let us discuss in detail the top five reasons why you should master Korean. 

1. Opens you to more opportunities

There is so much that you can reap from being a Korean language speaker. Firstly, the language will give you an upper hand in securing competitive jobs at big Korean companies such as LG and Samsung. It can expand your social network through Korean-speaking friends and professional colleagues at work. By knowing Korean, you can also become a Korean teacher or translator too. Acquisition of the Korean language could be the key to a successful business or fruitful career.

2. Good for your brain power

Recent studies indicate that learning a new language boosts your brainpower. It alleviates the brain’s ageing effects and curbs the Alzheimer’s disease. Likewise, by stimulating your mind, you get to boost your memory as well as multitasking skills. The Korean language may be a little challenging, and thus while mastering it, it will trigger your brainpower.

3. Exposes you to Korean culture 

This is particularly crucial for anyone intending to visit, work or study in Korea. Korea has a vibrant culture that features modern and traditional aspects. This vigorous culture is spreading across the world like wildfire courtesy of epic songs, movies and other forms of art. Therefore, by speaking the language, you will be able to understand the Korean way of life and its people.  

4. It is easy

Another good reason for learning the Korean language is that it is fairly simple. The language comes with a simple writing system defined by straight lines and circles. It is also straightforward with a few rules such as the unchanging verb forms and zero intonation. On top of that, the Korean pronunciation system is clear and direct, unlike what other languages have to offer.

5. A growing number of speakers worldwide

Korean is gaining momentum across the globe, and you should not be left behind. It is currently a language spoken by over 80 million people in the world, and the figure is still growing. You can only imagine where it will be in a few years to come. Mastering Korean is surely bound to have a positive impact on your social life, education, business or career.

The above mentioned are just the tip of an iceberg. There are many more reasons for you to learn the Korean language. Singapore has many established Korean classes available for you to enrol, you can kick-start your learning journey today by joining a Korean language school in Singapore.

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