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Tips for Annunciating Properly in Korean language The Korea’s Hallyu Wave has taken Asia and the world by a storm. It is immensely popular today due to its very dynamic, authentic and exquisite entertainment that most of the people can’t resist. Due to this fandom a lot of people were inspired to know more about its culture and in order to get a deeper glimpse of it some people took the time to learn about their language. Since Singapore is the kaleidoscope of cultures there are a lot of ways that

Learning the Hangul and appreciate Korean language & Culture The Korean language was first recorded during the Three Kingdoms: Baekje, Silla and Goguryeo (also known as Goryeo where the name Korea came from) about 57 B.C. to 668 A.D., as the accepted record, because there are 78 tribal states already existed in the southern region during this timeframe. The language was referred to as the Old Korean, where the use of Classical Chinese first began in the 4th century with its phonological writing Idu Script; it is an archaic writing system using

What to Ask a Korean language school or Korean Native Teacher before Selecting Your Choice of Course? Learning a new language is highly beneficial. It could improve one’s mind and it gives more appreciation to other cultures. One of the most sought out languages is Korean. By learning this language it well helps people understand its culture and concepts. It also gives the people the ability to watch movies, dramas and other entertainment projects that uses this language. It could also improve one’s personal and business relationship that could help open

Helping Students Succeed at Learning Hangul & Knowing More About Korean Culture Korean language is one of the most challenging languages to learn but a lot are still trying their bests to get acquainted with the said language. Not only due to the high demands of the employment sector in all parts of the world but also because of the contributions its people gave the world such as K-Pop, Korean movies, Korean food and a lot more. Numerous personalities enroll to different Korean language schools, however, there are several tips in

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