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How to Prepare Yourself For Your School Exchange in Korea

So you managed to secure yourself a spot for exchange at a university in Korea. Congratulations! You are probably wondering the next step to take to prepare yourself, apart from obviously enrolling in a korean course in singapore to learn Korean.

Worry not, because we’ve got you covered. Though it may differ depending on your tastes and needs, these tips should come in handy.

Bring Lots of Adapters

South Korea is a different country, and they use different power outlets. Unless you plan on spending your time there not using an electrical device, or think that shopping there would be cheaper (it’s not), you’ll want to buy yourself a lot of adapters. An extension cord would be nice as well.

Don’t Pack Too Much

Most have this notion that they need to prepare everything they need beforehand, and while that’s true to some sense, there’s also such a thing as over packing. That’s one thing you’ll want to avoid. Especially because you’ll be spending time abroad and it’ll hurt not being able to bring all the things you bought back to your home country. Just bring the bare necessities – comfortable shoes, a couple days’ worth of clothes, your favourite sauce, etc. – that you’ll need throughout the semester. Chances are, you’re going to end up buying more once you’re there anyway since the climate is different.

Prepare Your Passport and Visa

Having a passport and visa to travel abroad is already pretty self-explanatory. It depends on your country of origin or how long you’re staying. You may not even need a visa to travel to Korea, but, just in case, you may want to make sure first.

As for your passport, if you already have one, make sure that it is not expired and that it will not expire within six months. Also, make sure that there are enough blank pages left in your passport.

Visit a Travel Doctor

Make it a point to visit your doctor and get examined before leaving to make sure that you’re in good health. On that note, bring with you a copy of your medical records. This is in case of any emergencies once you’re in Korea.

Another reason why you’ll want to visit your doctor is getting the necessary immunisations done before travelling to Korea.


The Korean course in Singapore you enrolled in should take care of basic language skills you need to travel, but you’ll want to check out our list of tips for daily, practical considerations. More than tips, though, it’s important that you not have a closed mind when travelling. Be open to embracing the culture and adapt to the cultural differences. Doing so will help you learn more about not just the language, but also its people.

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