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Korean is a popular language choice to pick up in Singapore. From helping you better understand your favourite K-pop and K-dramas, opening up new opportunities in travel and work, to gaining a better understanding of the fun and dynamic Korean culture, there are tons of reasons to learn the Online Korean language.

However, having a busy schedule and a long list of commitments can make it challenging to learn a new language, let alone become fluent. This is where online Korean study sessions come in to effectively help you pick up the language right from the comforts of your home!

Take the next step in learning Korean online and get closer to gaining a meaningful understanding of your favourite Korean song or drama, rather than relying on translations with the help of our SkillsFuture Credits eligible online Korean lessons!

No more fretting about having to travel down to our campus – at Korean Explorer, we have made it easier for you to be learning Korean online through our live video lessons. Our online Korean lessons in Singapore are offered continuously throughout the year so that you can work on improving your proficiency.

Why should I be learning Korean online with Korean Explorer?

• The school syllabus is accredited by Seoul National University in South Korea and aligns with the TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korea) international standard.

• Our Native Korean Teachers  are trained and certified to teach the Korean language as a foreign language.

• Our course materials include the coursebook, e-workbook, MP3 audio files, and video recordings of lessons.

• The average size of a group class is eight students* with an optimal student-teacher ratio to promote quality learning.

Are You Eligible for SkillsFuture Credits?

Yes, Singaporean age 25yrs old and above is eligible to claim for SkillsFuture Credits under SSG registered name “Chinese Edge” UEN: 53307144E since 2018
Standard full course fees of $450 for each course of 10 sessions over 10 weeks completion

Course Title and TGS Ref No: Conversational Korean Course, TGS-2021004776

Live streaming video online Korean lessons hosted via Zoom, so students can improve their language proficiency with the guidance of our Native Teachers through online sessions while staying home.
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How are our online Korean lessons conducted?

Gone are the days of scheduling clashes and having to travel down to our training centres. At Korean Explorer, students can choose to learn Korean from the peace and comfort of their own home! With an average group size of eight students, our SkillsFuture Credits eligible online Korean lessons provide you with the optimal student-teacher ratio to learn effectively.

Engaging and interactive lessons will be taught live through Zoom, allowing our native Korean teachers to guide you as if you were participating in a class on our campus! Practice the language by learning Korean songs, newspapers and magazines, and immerse yourself in role-playing through conversations with your fellow learners.

Along with video recordings of previous lessons, Korean Explorer will also provide you with coursebooks in the form of conversational textbooks, study notes and journals to accompany your e-workbook and MP3 audio files. These accessible materials help complement your online Korean lessons, and will be extremely useful for students with busy schedules who wish to improve their Korean language proficiency!

Our Korean Course Syllabus

Our SkillsFuture Credits eligible Korean Language courses focus on building up your foundational skills. For beginners desiring to start from the basics, our course syllabus will help you build a simple but useful vocabulary suited for everyday use. With the support of visual aids, you can expect to receive intensive practice in spoken and written Korean during teaching sessions, with a special emphasis placed on communication and pronunciation! Students will become familiar with the important concepts of Korean grammar and learn how to interact during simple daily encounters.

Once you have successfully built up basic Korean language skills, our teaching sessions will shift focus towards developing your Korean communicative skills more effectively. In addition to learning how to read and write basic Hangul characters, students will learn to better converse with fun vocabulary practices, role-playing dialogues and conversation drills. At Korean Explorer, you can count on our classwork, homework and online exercises to be interactive and engaging!

Conversational Korean Beginner 1 ~ Online Lesson Schedule

KEOLB1-2708-SatKorean Beginner 1
- 10 sessions 2hrs each
27 Aug05 NovEvery Sat 2pm-4pm$380
KEOLB1-2908-EveKorean Beginner 1
- 10 sessions 2hrs each
29 Aug07 NovEvery Mon 7pm-9pm$380
KEOLB1-2009-EveKorean Beginner 1
- 10 sessions 2hrs each
20 Sep22 NovEvery Tue 7pm-9pm$380
KEOLB1-2309-AmKorean Beginner 1
- 10 sessions 2hrs each
23 Sep25 OctEvery Fri & Tue 10am-12pm$380
KEOLB1-2509-SunKorean Beginner 1
- 10 sessions 2hrs each
25 Sep27 NovEvery Sun 4pm-6pm$380


Beginner 01 Group Lessons: 10 sessions over 10 weeks ~ City Campus

BatchStart DateEnd DateFrequencyPhysical FeeOnline Fee
KEB1-2708-Sat27 Aug05 NovEvery Sat 2pm-4pm$380$380
KEB1-2908-Eve29 Aug07 NovEvery Mon 7pm-9pmna$380
KEB1-2009-Eve20 Sep22 NovEvery Tue 7pm-9pm$380$380
KEB1-2309-Am23 Sep25 OctEvery Fri & Tue 10am-12pm$380$380
KEB1-2509-Sun25 Sep27 NovEvery Sun 4pm-6pm$380$380

Beginner 01 Group Lessons: 10 sessions over 10 weeks ~ Jurong Campus Physical Lesson Schedule

KEJB1-1709 Sat17 Sep19 NovEvery Sat 4pm to 6pm$380$380
KEJB1-1909 Eve19 Sep28 NovEvery Mon 7pm to 9pm$380$380
KEJB1-1910 Eve19 Oct21 DecEvery Wed 7pm to 9pm$380$380
KEJB1-2310 Sun23 Oct08 JanEvery Sun 1pm to 3pm$380$380

Beginner 02 Group Lessons: 10 sessions over 10 weeks ~ City Campus

City Campus
KEB2-260826 Aug28 OctEvery Fri 7pm-9pm$380$380
KEB2-280828 Aug30 OctEvery Sun 12pm-2pm$380$380
KEB2-250925 Sep27 NovEvery Sun 2pm-4pm$380$380

Elementary Group Lessons: 10 sessions over 10 weeks ~ City Campus

BatchStartEndFrequencyPhysical LessonOnline Lesson
City CampusDateDate10 Sessions 2hrs eachFeeFee
KEE1-0110-Sat01 Oct03 DecSaturday 2pm-4pm$380$380
KEE1-1510-Sat15 Oct17 DecSaturday 2pm-4pm$380$380
KEE1-2910-Sat29 Oct31 DecSaturday 2pm-4pm$380$380

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    FAQs on Our Online Korean Lessons

    Our online Korean lessons are conducted via live streaming video on Zoom with the guidance of our native teachers.

    Our schedules and timings are based on Singapore Local Time /UTC/GMT +8 hours.

    Our lessons follow a well-paced class schedule and utilise practical learning tools such as interactive materials, one-on-one teacher feedback and e-learning resources to support your journey. In addition, our native teachers have been trained to guide students and help them achieve better comprehension and knowledge of the language while catering to their individual learning styles.

    Our tuition fees are as follows:

    ~ Private Online Class package of 10 sessions (2 hours each): $1,480 (Conversational Korean) / $1,680 (Business Korean) per student.

    ~ Group Online Class package of 10 sessions (2 hours each): $450 per student.

    Current monthly promotion fee at only $380.

    ~ Online Course Registration Fee: $50 (For private & group class)

    ~ Online Course Material Fee: $50 per student (For private & group class)

    ~ Students will receive an e-copy of the Korean coursebook, workbook, audio files and recorded video lessons.

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