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How Korean Movies Can Help You Learn Korean

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The Korean film and movie industry is very popular all over the world. It has gained considerable success and produced many fantastic movies and dramas. Many fans of Korean movies and dramas, or Korean media products in general, eventually take up korean classes in singapore to get more familiar with the language. Watching Korean movies is a great resource, a fun way of learning everyday vocabulary and conversational Korean to compliment to classroom Korean lessons. It is easy to pick up bits of dialogue from the movie as you watch and it is also an easy way of learning the proper pronunciation of Korean words. It is also helpful to try to learn and speak Korean through movies because you will pick up some common Korean phrases, words and trendy slang that are commonly used in Korea.

Words With Context

Korean movies provide much a needed context for learning the language. They tell beautiful stories with established and rich contexts. Learning any language without a context is useless and pretty much impossible. You will follow the narrative while watching. This will help you learn the language because you will observe how native Koreans speak and how the language is used in everyday life.

Clever Memory Aid

Much like music, movies are a great memory aid for learning Korean. Movies stay with you long after they end. If you like a particular scene or a piece of dialogue, odds are it will stay in your memory long after you watch it. You will be able to recall it very clearly, and might even re-watch it multiple times! This will help you remember words and phrases, especially dialogue from that scene.

Pay Attention to English Subtitles

Korean movies are also a great resource for learning the language because they usually come with English subtitles. If you are watching the movie in Korean and cannot speak a word of Korean, then use the English subtitles as a tool to guide you. Once you start relating the Korean words being spoken to their English counterpart in the subtitles, you will start picking up words, phrases and their meanings.

Say It Out Loud

This is similar to the sing-along principle with songs. Instead of singing, try reading out loud along with the movie. As the characters on screen deliver their lines, repeat their dialogue out loud. Keep repeating the process until you can easily remember the lines. This repetition will reinforce your memory and help you retain the language longer in your mind. Also, you will learn how to articulate Korean like a native speaker.

If you want to take your Korean to the next level, watch Korean movies while taking Korean lessons in Singapore. Your greatest resource to fluency in Korean is through movies. They are not only an excellent language tool but they are also visually stunning and a cinematic experience to boot.


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