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Korean Explorer doesn’t only accommodate adult learners but young learners as well. We provide fun and exciting activities for our Korean lessons for kids to be effective. We basically consider the nature of young learners that’s why we are confident that our teaching methods used by our bilingual teachers will be effective for the kids.


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Why should kids take Korean lessons?

Generally, most people aim to learn a second language. We consider the acquisition of foreign languages as our weapon or something that adds to our credibility. Hence, there are a lot of reasons why kids need to start taking Korean language course. Here are some of the reasons why:

KoreanExplorer considers all those factors for we aim to provide high-quality and effective Korean lessons for kids. We always make sure to cater to every kid’s needs and wants. Moreover, we also have competitive bilingual teachers who are versatile enough to teach young kids. So, let your kids be part of us and give them a brighter future!

Course Details:

For kids without Korean learning before, we will recommend them to start with the basic beginner junior course.

The Basic Beginner stage consists of 3 levels of 10 sessions 90mins each to complete in 30 weeks, so don’t rush your little ones. Let them take the appropriate timeframe based on their learning pace to master this state before moving on to Elementary, Lower Intermediate and higher.

Beginner stage progression pathway:

Basic  01 ~ for 10 sessions 90mins each

Basic 02 ~ for 20 sessions 90mins each 

Private Physical face-to-face OR Online Korean Course for Kids.

~ Course fee $1,280 for one or two students with 10 sessions of 90 mins each
~ Registration fee of $50 per student is applicable
~ Material Fee $50 for Physical or Online Class 
~ Students can choose their own date, time, and venue to have class

* T&C apply

~ Recommended for Students of age group between 5 to 11yrs old.

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